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Hands Of Light Academy (H.O.L.A)

Welcome to our Academy!

We are a training establishment dedicated to transformation and empowerment  through energy work and healing.

We teach a method of healing called Auric Field Regeneration. This is a form of Light work based on the system described in the book ‘Hands of Light.’ It works with the Human Energy Field (Aura), accessing each of its different levels, and clearing, charging, repairing and restructuring them to bring about freedom, clarity and coherence, leading to changes in the health and consciousness of the individual.

It is a fantastic way to help people uncover their Essence, reveal their authenticity, reclaim their power and remember their Life Purpose.



This is a 2-year Professional Training course arranged over 12 modules lasting 5 days each.

It provides a comprehensive and in-depth training in how to understand and work with energy: to channel and consciously direct it to facilitate healing of the Human Energy Field on the Mind, Body and Spirit levels of consciousness.

It will give you an understanding of how energy manifests in health and dis-ease both in yourself and others and how to address the underlying causes of energetic imbalance using appropriate healing techniques.

As well as learning practical, hands-on healing, there is a strong element of self-development, which for some is the main incentive for doing the course, rather than the desire to be a practising healer.

The Foundation Module (1) can be taken as a stand-alone course.

You are eligible for student membership of the CMA and to take out insurance with Balens as a student practitioner whilst training.



This course is aimed at anyone who has a passion to learn how to become a healer – both in practical terms and in personal attributes. Whether you have previous training or experience in other healing modalities or none at all, this course will teach you the principles behind working with energy in a clear and grounded way. It is a solid foundation for energy work of any kind and can bring a deeper awareness and understanding to enhance and complement any therapies already practised.



The course includes:

  • A range of comprehensive healing techniques suitable for addressing issues of a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nature and their associated levels of consciousness.
  • Theory relevant to each healing technique plus topics which support the work in general and your own evolution within it.
  • Grounding and breathwork
  • Self-development: theory and practical exercises.
  • Process work: personal application and for use with clients.
  • Meditations specifically chosen to support the current learning.
  • Case-taking.
  • Client practice protocols.
  • Qi gong.
  • Naturopathy
  • Ethics.

Home study is required, which includes healing practice, case studies, reading, written work, body-centred therapy, anatomy, meditation and qi gong.

Please see website for more information including dates and course fees. 

What people say


"There are many different courses out there with many different teachers. The more I move into this world, the happier I am that I am doing this course with this particular teacher, Marianne. The course is taught in a very compassionate way and I feel supported and held through each module. This creates a space in which I feel encouraged to be my true self. Marianne is also a fantastic role model for any aspiring healer in terms of her healing abilities, how she lives her life and how she presents herself to the world. I feel I am travelling down a road which is breaking down barriers and expanding my consciousness in ways I did not previously think possible."

Michael, Garden Designer


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