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Dr Elizabeth Wey Ph.D (Hons) is the founder of the 

She is a qualified, accredited practitioner and educator.

Her awe-inspiring capacity to understand the power and depth of the subconscious mind is unparalleled. She has been fully present in the field of Energy Healing and Past Life regression work for over 35 years and has helped many people around the world

Notably, she holds a Ph.D in Metaphysics and is an expert in her chosen field. Elizabeth says that she feels truly rewarded when she shares her passion and that remaining humble has allowed constant reflection of her responsibilities towards helping those who come under her care.  She is known in the Healing Community as a gifted healer, author, speaker and counsellor, focused primarily on sharing her passion for creating a safe harbour for people to heal; from the inside out. Her credentials are exceptional and the results of her work are something to be respected. She understands the whole picture intuitively with a deep and unspoken comprehension.

The Sacred Subconscious Technique is one of Elizabeth’s greatest achievements and was developed by her over many years. A technique which offers a skilful approach to helping individuals understand themselves more fully, an experience that moves beyond unquestionable beliefs and limitations, and into understanding the lessons one has to confront, and to experience the things that had such profound influences by the way one lived a life, from one lifetime to another, ones that appear to connect closely to a current lifetime. Experiencing this powerful, often sacred process, will enhance the opportunity to understand the Self on a much deeper level through accessing to phenomenal ground-breaking connections to the subconscious mind.


 Doctorate : Metaphysical Humanistic Science 

 Majoring in Hypnotherapy and Psychology

35 Years Experience.

Soul Nourishing Courses with Accreditation

Accredited Trainer: Energy Healing

Accredited Trainer: Spiritual Awareness

Accredited Trainer: Past Life Regression Training (The Sacred Subconscious Technique)

Accredited Trainer: Soul Therapy Counselling 

Personal Consultations:

Energy Healing

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy(The Sacred Subconscious Technique)

Quantum Healing Therapy

Vibrational Medicine

Spiritula Counsellimg




What people say


ELIZABETH ,you are encouraging this world to learn compassion, patience and above all you are doing your work with love. You gave me the confidence to be able to put a helping hand out to others and created my learning experiences with beautiful grace and love. Because of the amazing few years we have had, and because of the depths of insight and achievement you have given to me with your extremely high levels of gifts and awareness you are making the growth of my soul and that of others a beautiful and very possible experience. I would not be the person I am now without your compassion patience and love and your beautiful teachings thank you. -D. Scott. NSW AUS.
Dianna Scott NSW Australia


“Elizabeth makes you feel comfortable straight away and answering questions along the way. Removing any doubts or concerns during her treatment sessions. I’ve had two past life regression healing sessions and have completed two spiritual guidance courses not to mention four person growth workshops. Elizabeth is a exceptional teacher and her knowledge about the spirit realms is fascinating. I would highly recommend Elizabeth if you are contemplating getting those questions answered, through a past life regression healing or taking on a workshop or spiritual course. You go away with a lot more than you bargain for.

Giulia Ponticello - Gold Coast Australia


I had an amazing healing session experience with Elizabeth. She is intuitive, passionate, intentional, and creates a wonderful safe, serene space in which to do her work. It was so comforting and tranquil as I fell into a deep realm of relaxation.
Something I rarely experience. these days.
Elizabeth also tuned in to my spirit guides and the messages were nonjudgmental, loving and my current concerns.
She is indeed a gifted healer and a beautiful soul with the most non- judgmental attitude of anyone I’ve every had the privilege of meeting. My return home to India was filled with beautiful memories of the experience.
From the depths of my heart.
Namaste Elizabeth


“I had the pleasure of studying with Elizabeth four years ago. Through her training, I gained a lot more than I initially expected. She is a talented educator and a skilled conversationalist. It’s with this powerful
combination she helps you improve. Her commitment and dedication to coaching are very strong. We still touch base from time to time and I keep on learning from her vast experience and wisdom. I would definitely recommend you to meet Elizabeth and see how she can help you to understand your gifts.”
J. Spooner - Gold Coast - Queensland - Australia
J. Spooner - Gold Coast - Queensland - Australia


“I had the good fortune to meet Elizabeth Wey during a training we attended at the Omega Institute New York with Dr Brian Weiss. She crossed the room to speak with me regarding past life regression therapy and how it would be of value in my medical practice. This conversation changed the course of my work, changed the course of my life and set me on a new direction.
She is a gifted healer and channel. Her work with the Guides and Spirits is magnificent. Elizabeth’s gentle teaching and patience has been very helpful as she guides this Western doctor through uncharted waters. She has taught me everything about the work she does, and has encouraged my tentative steps into her world. She has always been there to support my work, my learning, my exploration, and as my teacher, she has gifted me with valuable critical review of the work that I have done so that I might see ways to improve. She has made me a better doctor, and she has helped me better help my patients. It is because of her support and encouragement that I have ventured “out of the Western medical box into new vistas of integrative healing to my benefit and the benefit of those for whom I care. The course of my life would be altogether different had she not taken those steps and moved forward to say hello. I’m forever grateful for that handshake, and all the love and light that have followed.

Gil C. Grimes, MD Prince Edward Island Canada


My name is Cathrine Ford.

I live in the United Kingdom.

It was on the 15th December 2018 that I requested a long distance Chakra Healing session with Elizabeth Wey a Holistic Energy Healer from Brisbane, Australia.

Elizabeth went out of her way to ensure my comfort by advising me as she was was beginning the healing, so that I could relax my bed.

As Elizabeth began the healing I became very aware of things happening.

I started to shake a lot but was not concerned by this.

I took it as a reaction to a very strong connection to Elizabeth, her Guides and Helpers. During the Healing and with my eyes closed, I saw many different colours, Purple, Orange and a mixture of Pastel Colours, beautiful shades of Mauve, Aquamarine, Cream and Green. I likened these colours to a Monet Painting. After the Healing session was over I was so relaxed that for the first time in a long time, I slept very well. Within a day or two, I noticed that my left foot felt strange and a bit uncomfortable, I didn’t panic, I just told myself Spirit was working on me. The next thing was that my walking and stance suddenly changed, I was walking upright and taking longer strides and both my legs felt so much stronger. This is when Johnny Cash started singing in my head, his choice of song’Walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye’. I still find myself singing or humming this tune daily. No doubt, a gentle reminder from the Spirit world to persevere. I’ve had complementary treatments for many years. It was soon after this healing, that I had an appointment with my Cranial Osteopath, she was amazed when she saw me and told me she had never seen me looking so well. I haven’t needed an appointment with her since. I’ve noticed that the discomfort is no longer in my left foot and it appears to have altered shape. Being much flatter than usual. It is quite deformed and has undergone many surgeries. A couple of weeks later, I had another appointment, this time with my
Catherine Ford - Gloucester - United Kingdom


In the years that I have known Elizabeth, she has always shown me and to the world, the special qualities of her higher self and empathy to others.

Elizabeth continues, with her work as a Spiritual Healer and Teacher, Clairvoyant, Past Life Regression Therapist, and as an Author.Elizabeth is a very talented soul who has inspired many people around the world, and will continue to do so in all aspects of her life.

She is able to offer and help those who wish to understand and embrace the changes towards raising their energy to a higher vibration!With lots of love and blessings
Gary Markwick – World renowned Palmist/Hand Analyst -United Kingdom.


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