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Crystal Singing Bowls Europe

Crystal Singing Bowls Europe provides The Power of Sound Healing Training weekends in Brussels, Belgium. These intensive training courses bring together the elements of music theory, meditation based on ancient wisdom tradition, science, alchemy crystal singing bowls, theory and practice. Special emphasis is placed on the Practice of Crystal Sound Healing. This deep and effective practice employs the simultaneous use of forming intention, mantra, visualisation, playing alchemy crystal singing bowls and yogic posture.

The vision of Crystal Singing Bowls Europe, founded by Lama Brian Hilliard and Shannon van Staden, is one of basic health. Our nature from the very beginning has always been perfect purity, basic health and sanity. As the ground nature is covered over through confusion, manifesting as disease and suffering, it tends to be forgotten. We take the serious problems we face as reality, and not the ground nature of purity. The deep meditative practices of CSBE help us to remember who we are fundamentally, reestablish the vision of purity, and point towards a lifestyle based on health, sanity and increasing joy.

CSBE designed The Power of Sound Healing to enhance your healing profession or personal life. Parents, Physicians, Yoga Instructors, Spiritual Instructors, Psychologists and Therapists, Massage Therapists, Coaches and anyone dedicated to well-being, will discover a new and enhancing healing modality that can be artfully developed throughout their careers. Increasing our effectiveness through developing new skillful means awakens us to an expanding array ideas and practices where we can leap beyond the limitations of our professions.

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