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College of Sound Healing

The College of Sound Healing provides a comprehensive training in sound healing and sound therapy with highly experienced tutors. 

The College is a non-profitmaking organisation, and is a member of the Therapeutic Sound Association, the Complementary Medical Association and the International Institute of Complementary Therapists.

Our highly successful Sound Healing Practitioner Training Diploma Course has been running since 1998. The College also offers a Gong Practitioner Training Course, a Sacred Drumming Practitioner Training Diploma Course and a Bowls Practitioner Training Diploma Course.
Courses are run throughout the UK and in Ireland. All these courses concentrate on practical experiential learning. We also run some of the these courses online.

What people say


The five weekends that I have spent on this course have been an absolute joy.
Samantha Woods


I just want to say that doing the practitioner's course is literally changing my life and opening my heart in ways I could not imagine.
Anne Bourne


The course enabled me to develop a new sense of purpose and confidence in establishing myself as a sound healer which has expanded in a remarkable way.
Alan Watts


Sheila Whittaker is a very experienced Gongmaster as well as being a very experienced teacher; always creating a safe, non-judgmental and nurturing space in which to work. The course also develops the skill of working with other instruments; weaving them into the gongbath, as well as giving a much deeper understanding of sound. This course is not only valuable, but I feel, an essential requirement for anyone wishing to work with the gong in a healing capacity.
Pauline McCrann


Thank you both for the sacred drumming course, although I have been involved in healing for twenty years I have learned such a lot about healing, intuition and myself during the time the course has been running. I would certainly recommend this course.
Brian James


Thank you very much for the wonderful weekend; you are two beautiful souls and I'm very grateful to have crossed your path.
Giusi Merisio


The Sound Healing Practitioner Course was a very powerful experience. This course was exactly what I needed. The combination of the sound and the spiritual support around the course meant that every weekend was a joy. I had done a number of modules with BAST, but although the left brained approach gave me some useful tools, this was not the right place for me to qualify. The College gave me the 'complete package' - thank you!
Yvonne Diment


A wonderful experience covering all the necessary tools a person needs to become a sound healing practitioner. The emphasis is on the practical side which for me was so important as to be a practitioner one is needs to learn how to 'practise'. It was a year of enlightenment!
Alexandra Rigazzi-Tarling


I trained with Sheila Whittaker as a Gong Practitioner. It was a life transforming experience for me, and brought together my previous energy work and training and showed me the focus and direction I should take. Sheila is a wonderful teacher and the course was a rich mixture of gentle discipline and rigour, and ethereal intuition. I had always felt something was missing in my energy work and this course was it, and through it I also found the family of the College of Sound Healing.
Diana Vernon


I highly recommend this course for anyone who is truly serious about sacred drumming and personal growth.
Patrick Pica


I should like to express my very deep gratitude for the wonderful course you are offering and sharing with us, the fortunate Sacred Drummers' Group. It is such a privilege to have met you both and to be a part of something so special.


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