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Barrie Oldham

Welcome to the Asklepion School of Tibb, and more particularly to the Postgraduate Diploma in Unani-Tibb, which literally translates to Greek Medicine. Over the centuries Greek medicine has been known by many other names – Western herbal medicine, Graeco-Arab medicine, Unani medicine, or simply Tibb.

The postgraduate diploma in Unani-Tibb has been designed to provide additional options for healthcare professionals to expand their diagnostic and treatment capabilities in the growing speciality of complementary and holistic medicine. The purpose of the course is to enhance your present academic position; namely the pursuit of an effective, affordable and broad-based healthcare system for the European populace. We are sure you will derive great benefit from the course and find it an enriching experience.

We are committed to supporting each of you in your academic studies, both theoretical and practical and will be available whenever you require our assistance as you progress along this exciting and valuable journey.

Please bear in mind that you will truly reap what you sow; the value and satisfaction you derive from this course will reflect the time, effort and commitment you personally provide over the duration of this learning experience. In doing so, you will no doubt enjoy both the theoretical and clinical aspects of this important and relevant contribution to healthcare in the UK andEurope.

We wish you success in completing the Course. May it bring you fulfillment and help you achieve your career and personal expectations!

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