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Babacool is run by Alex and Suzanne, a husband and wife team who have been delivering Gong Baths and workshops in Central London, Hertfordshire and beyond for a number of years.  Their Training Courses are accredited by the CMA.

Suzanne is the founder of Babacool. She is a Senior Yoga Teacher, Yoga Coach & Trainer Pro (YAP) with over 4000 teaching hours under her belt.

She has a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and worked in corporate finance for years before becoming a full time yoga teacher. Based just outside London, UK, she works online and locally.

Suzanne teaches meditative yoga that releases physical, emotional and mental patterns. She focuses on developing self-awareness, resilience, and freedom. Her classes are for those wishing to unravel their story and find their true self. They will also appeal to those who wish to experience deeper states of consciousness as well as those open to exploring more unconventional methods.

Away from teaching and training, she enjoys plant based cooking, Americana and blues music, reading, theatre and travel.

  • Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Yoga Teacher with over 4000 hours teaching experience. YAP Yoga Coach & Mentor, and YAP Trainer Pro (yoga training provider).
  • Fully qualified to teach Kundalini Yoga, Sports Yoga (Sarah Ramsden), and Yin Yoga (Sarah Lo).
  • Certified breath coach with Oxygen Advantage.
  • TRE (Trauma & Tension Release Exercises) instructor.
  • Qualified and highly experienced Gong Practitioner / Sound Therapist & am passionate about the healing effects of sound. I have trained with Mark Swan, Don Conreaux, Mehtab Benton and others.
  • Studied with several renowned meditation teachers including Sally Kempton. I have been practising meditation since my early 20s and have knowledge of a number of different schools including Vipassana, Kashmir Shaivism (Tantra), Kundalini and Mindfulness.
  • Professional development with Uma Dinsmore Tuli (Yoga Nidra), Max Strom (Inner Axis), Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains), Jo Phee (Acuyin) and Anodea Judith (Bioenergetics). I am hugely interested in the history of yoga and have completed a course of study of this with SOAS/ Yoga Campus.
  • ITEC qualified massage therapist
  • Reiki Master.
  • Currently in training to be as a plant-based nutritionist.

Alex is an advanced Tai Chi Qigong instructor and sound therapist.He is the lead trainer of the Gong Training courses. He is also a qualified life coach and has a Diploma in Physical Fitness Training.

Coming from a successful business background he has an MSc in Leadership & Management, a non-medical Doctorate and Diploma in Psychology as well as several trauma related counselling qualifications and other skills.

His teaching style is relaxed, inclusive, nurturing and he is passionate about helping others to be their best self.

Away from teaching Alex loves travel, reading, music and cakes!


What people say


Having joined Kundalini classes run by Babacool over 5 years ago, which of course were run prior to the Covid 19 lockdown in group sessions, it was important that classes continued and were set up by Suzanne and Alex to work via Zoom.

The way these classes were set up was impressive. All classes were informative and the benefits they had on your body were made clear. The classes run using Zoom were straight forward and did not require complicated computer knowledge.

The weekly classes I attended covered Kundalini yoga, Yin yoga, Qigong and Meditation-breathing techniques. The Qigong classes run by Alex were a new experience. These classes were especially enjoyable and were important in improving flexibility and general fitness.

As with the Qigong classes run by Alex the classes run by Suzanne were equally enjoyable and beneficial. I come out of the Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga and learning Meditation-breathing Techniques feeling relaxed and feeling that it improved my overall health.

At this time when a lot of people are dealing with problems arising from the impact of Covid 19, the classes run by Suzanne and Alex could provide important benefits to relax and cope with problems.”
Annegret, Hertfordshire


“I have been practicing Yoga and Taichi Qigong with Babacool for a long time and I can’t recommend them enough. Their classes are very engaging and suitable for all levels. Since the lockdown started all the classes have been online and this has been a great opportunity for me to practice with Suzanne and Alex almost every day. This has really helped me and my mental health massively at a time of so much uncertainty. I especially enjoy the live classes as it’s an opportunity to put everything I’m doing on hold and focus on myself for the duration of the class. However, life can get very hectic and sometimes I’m unable to join the live classes. On those occasions, I’m very happy to have an archive full of classes and resources for me to choose from depending on my mood or the time I have available.

Suzanne and Alex are also great supporters of a charity I co-run called Potential Kids PK it’s a local and small charity in Hertfordshire, England that provides social, learning and sports opportunities to neurodiverse children & young people (Autism, ADHD, Tourettes, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia..) and their families. In the past, Suzanne and Alex have run successful wellbeing sessions (Taichi Qigong, Breathing Meditation & Gongs) for our parent/carers which have been very a great success and a fantastic way for the charity to support their mental health. Caring for disabled children can take a toll in these parents’ mental health and we’re always grateful for Babacool’s support to ease that burden. Since the lockdown started, we realised our parent/carers would need extra support to look after themselves so we asked Suzanne to runs an online weekly Yoga & Relaxation class for us. It’s lovely to be able to offer this class to our parents so they can recharge their batteries at least once a week. The class is also available online afterwards which is great because this way more of our parent/carers can access it when it’s convenient for them.

On a pers
Susanna Hertfordshire


“I really enjoyed the training and all the information and knowledge you both gave us. There was a lot of information to take in and it was a really well structured day! Having never played a gong I was a little apprehensive about striking the gong for the first time!

(By) the assessment – I really enjoyed playing the gongs and felt quite elated when I had finished. After the first few minutes it all felt easier and I felt confident to play both the gongs!…..

I do feel confident enough to play the gong during my yoga class so just looking forward to finding one soon… I felt very supported during the training and was lucky that we had a nice group of people too.”
Rupi Essex


Mindful Monday morning Qi-Gong starts the week with focus as Alex’s voice reminds me to go at my pace. He demonstrates clearly and encourages understanding of not just how but why we move as we do. He teaches the class knowledge about breath, fascia, muscle, posture and the engineering of the body alongside clear explanation of how and what to move.”
Ness, Portishead


Having tried going to other yoga classes and then experiencing Suzanne’s Kundalini class Tuesday evening in class and now online, I cannot live without my weekly fix. The feeling afterwards, a great night’s sleep and it keeps my joints and body more flexible than when I was much younger. Please keep up the good work.
James Welwyn Garden City


Suzanne & Alex are wonderful at making everyone feel at ease, explaining what will happen in the session, be it yoga or a gong bath and have become an essential part of my spiritual self care. I feel very lucky to be able to take part in the classes and have such a sense of peace afterwards. I cannot recommend them enough.”
Lorraine, Hertfordshire


“Where to start? Special. And devoted. Those words seem best to encapsulate the work that Babacool’s Suzanne and Alex do. They are genuine human beings (not a phrase used lightly), who take the time to properly connect with people. Their obvious passion to impact the world in a positive way shines through everything they do…even online. There is nothing impersonal about the services they provide online, so if that is the service you need, rest assured that it will provide proper sustenance, not a shabby second place.”
Janet, Hertfordshire


“I felt privileged to do a Gong Course with Babacool. Everything from the beginning was organised professionally in a nice Yoga Studio…

I played the Gong naturally and as I felt from inside, it was intuitive expressions… Thank you very much for a professional approach and I would have no hesitation in recommending other people for Courses with you…”
Mario London


“I found Babacool online and signed up for their 1 day course. I have to say I feel this course is fairly priced, the location is central and covid friendly. They had a great variety of gongs to play and equally varied mallets and flumies to try. I came away feeling filled with confidence, direction and knowledge. I really can’t wait to attend level 2 with them.

Alex and Suzanne are a great duo. They bring out the best in you.

I thoroughly recommend these guys for your training, even after the course they are available for contact any concerns/questions you may have.”
Claire Essex


I had never heard of Qigong before attending one of Alex’s Monday morning classes and now wouldn’t miss it for anything! What a marvelous way to start the week.

Each class is a combination of beautiful movement, building from individual moves to sets or forms of movements, a focus on the breath and a raised awareness of what is actually happening beneath the skin.

Alex brings a deep understanding of his art, fascinating insights into the power for good that the practice brings and an engaging way of teaching to every innovative class.”
Helen, Orkney


“I had always fancied trying Yoga, but had never felt like joining a class. Individual coaching with Suzanne has been fantastic, we work on a programme designed for me and what I want to achieve. I am more flexible, feel better, have lower stress levels and have started to breathe properly. I’m hooked.”
John, Hertfordshire


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