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Atlantis College of Crystal, Sound Healing & CrystalSonic RejuvenationTM

The College teaches specialised Crystal & Sound therapy to Diploma Practitioner Level in person - mainly one to one's or in pairs - and by distant learning., Sound Healing, Sound Therapy, Crystal Healing & Crystal Therapy, Past life Regressions, DevaLightTM., CrystalSonic RejuvenationTM & CrystalSonic Reiki.

Atlantis College has been established for over 25 years, having an excellent reputation, with hundreds of testimonials.

Distant Healing and In person treatments can be booked with Lesley Carol inc. special Gong & Tibetan bowl Immersions.

Crystals and Sound healing tools are available for purchase - see website shop and Facebook page/shop, as well as MP3 guided meditations and 'Sound baths'. 

Individual distant learning modules are available.



What people say


"I have completed the first lesson (twice over) and onto lesson 2 already. I can't stop reading. Your way of writing and how you perceive is so very in tune with myself so it's perfect and beautifully uplifting, I can't begin to tell you."

"Working with the crystals like I have in this third lesson has been a real eye opener to me....I have crystal books that I bought many, many years ago that I couldn`t understand at the time, and now I understand them totally, and refer to them often. A whole new world is opening up to me, thanks to you, and I find it all so exciting, thank you so, so much. "

Suzie Bear


I would like to say a very big thank you to Lesley Carol for what I can only call a near Miracle. I met Lesley Carol by pure accident and after almost four years of near constant pain in My upper Back Stomach and Chest areas. Lesley Carol has taken away the pain in just one session. What a remarkable friendly Lady. I had MRI Scans CT Scans, lots of strong pain killers even Morphine. I was in constant misery. Lack of sleep .. not being able to sit for a period of longer than a few moments due to the pain returning. The Doctors I have visited were many and not one could come to a conclusion what was the root of the pain. Now I am pain free .. I can do the things I used to do without worrying that the pain would return. I can go on and on I have been free of pain for over ten months now and no sign of it returning. Only the wonderful meeting of Lesley Carol by pure accident and Her fantastic skills have cured Me of all My pain problems. Thank you once again Lesley .. you are a remarkable Lady. I would be happy to answer any questions regarding this testimonial. Please contact Me by Email

Mike Pedley ( ).


"Dearest Lesley,

What a lovely surpise to receive the reply and read your comments, really rewarding and lovely to read :) I am so delighted to have passed, even if I hadn't I would be happy as I had enjoyed every moment of the course from start to finish. I will look forward to recieving my diploma as a reminder of the last few months and as proof that I have achieved my aim. love and best wishes" G.D.
* * * * * * *
Greshna Dibble


.......Thank you so much!! That's made my day! I can't believe its all complete .. I feel quite sad there are no more assignments! Thank you so much for being an absolutely wonderful and truly inspiring tutor and mentor. Doing this course saw me through the most difficult time I have been through and kept me strong, uplifted and comforted along the way, I just love working with crystals.

I am now heading off to Bali indefinitely! I'm not sure if I gave you an update, but I now have a job out there which I'm really excited about. It's finally manifested ... and I'm so happy!. ....DM
Deborah Manning


".......I have pleasure in enclosing assignment number nine which I believe is the last assignment for the Crystal Healing course.............I cannot even begin to explain how much I have enjoyed doing it.
I have found it very challenging and uplifting but more importantly it has opened my mind to the power of crystal and sound healing.
It has developed my understanding of crystals to a much higher level than I ever imagined and has taught me so much.

I cannot begin to thank you enough for the journeys and experiences that I have enjoyed, and I will be forever grateful.
With the knowledge that I have gained with your help, I believe this will allow me to share it with other people.

It has changed my outlook on life, I am more confident, more open minded, more spiritual, more peaceful, and more understanding. It has also made me face and deal with problems. I have also been able to look inside myself and find the inner child within me.
I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone who wants to work with crystals and sound healing.

Thank you Lesley for being such a wonderful mentor, I leave you with much Love, Light and peace"
DianeTocher Warrington, Cheshire


" I absolutely love the deeper ‘Centreing and Grounding’ exercise. I have done this exercise a few times on it’s own with your tape and also I use it now before every meditation and self-healing exercise. I really feel safe and centred after this, and I feel like I’m connected to all, and see a beautiful lapis rose forming at my heart centre, as this is what I feel these colours remind me of."

I was bought one bowl as a gift a few years ago and only now am I starting to really use it with myself since this Lesson. I connected with the Angel of the bowl and have done a few sessions just playing it, it feels like getting a bathe in beautiful music, and I feel really peaceful and refreshed afterwards."
S. Doherty, Derry, N. Ireland (2008)


I have had an interesting journey and what makes it so memorable is having such a great teacher. I highly recommend each and everyone of Lesley’s courses especially Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation TM, it is quite amazing and can benefit a lot of people on many levels.

Spread the word, if you are looking for an extraordinary teacher, look no further, doing a course with Lesley will be life changing and open up new opportunities for yourself so you can share them with everyone around you. Raise your vibrational energy today, don’t delay!

Thank you for reading my story.
Love & joy to you all.

Nikki Byrne (Bournemouth 2009)


I feel like a million dollars after the facial treatment. My face definitely looks clear of lines; I had felt blocked and in fact, was constipated all week. After the treatment, later in the evening, everything moved, cleared, and now my body feels light and youthful and I am full of energy and ready to go!”
"Having had Botox, and never wishing to go down that route again, I have regular CrystalSonic Rejuvenation treatments with Lesley and find the last part of the treatment, called 'The Crystal Face Mask', causes my face to feel tightened in just the same way as with Botox. All my stress lines vanish. I feel peaceful and happy. Afterwards, friends ask if I have been on holiday. I was going to have cosmetic surgery on my eyes but now there is no need, I will have these natural treatments as they make my face and eyes look youthful. radiant and glowing. I am thrilled with the results and would highly recommend this treatment"
Clara Mann – Salon Owner/Hairdresser – Somerset.


The amazing power of crystals leaves me speechless..from being a novice I find myself drawn to the 12 synergy stones and have had unbelievable experiences in the last few weeks. Pyrite is certainly a stone of truth as truth sems to be exposed all around me and encourages me to live my own truth. My crystalline friends are fast turning out to be my best guides. I seem to have an elemental connection and a primal urge to get to know them really well and respect what they have to teach us.

The rest - You will see from my own feedback on treating the clients and perhaps answer some questions afterwards that I find asking myself although I have already answered then within but respect your opinion also.

I am taking a therapy room (part-time) in a local Fitness and Health Club where I hope to practice these facials along with some other holistic therapies. The pure love and joy I have experience in doing these is so much more rewarding than I imagined (to be honest before I started I did not know what to expect but I was so drawn to it).

Thank you.

With Love



My search for sound healing courses led me to the Atlantis College of Healing website; it offered such flexibility in content and scheduling that I decided to email for further information. As soon as I received Lesley’s reply email, I knew I had found what I was looking for. There was such warmth, passion, open-heartedness in Lesley’s emails that I did not hesitate to book a one-on-one 9 day intensive course in sound healing packed into a 2-week stay at Lesley’s house. The experience is one I will never forget: absolutely blissful, magical and totally transformative. The vibrational level reached while working with Lesley in the enchanted setting of her house is one that remains unparalleled to date for me. Lesley is a fountain of kindness, love and wisdom, fully dedicated to serving Spirit and fully connected to her guidance. In my case, this meant that the programme became tailored to my specific needs (needs that I myself would not have been able to identify or articulate) and thresholds – let’s be clear: as part of learning sound healing, you receive sound healing and …. well let’s just say that it is very effective! Because Lesley (and her wonderful crystal, fairy and furry friends!) provide such a loving and safe environment, an enormous amount of healing and transformation is achieved within a short period of time. In short, taking a course with Lesley goes beyond “taking a course”: it is a journey of self-discovery, healing and initiation, an experience in making new friends (Tibetan bowls -yes, you do need to make friends with those exquisite Tibetan bowls by coming to them with respect, humility and an open-heart and then the magic begins!- or the delightful pigs on the other side of the road or any of the many wondrous crystals scattered through the entire house or the birds always ready to provide entertainment! ), of communion with nature and Spirit and of course the chance to get to know and cherish a very special lady. Thank you Lesley for hel
Valerie Meadeb


Im loving devalight and feel there is so much to come from this. My sense and guidance that im getting is that i will be using it in my creative work, lots of sound and dance!! and also for earth healing... so very exciting will keep you posted!
Thank you so much for everything
You are all always in my heart wherever these wings of light may take me!!
Have you still be seeing wonderful colours and sparkle??? I am seeing lots more sparkles of light and colour- mailny blue and violet!!
Its exciting times and i go in 6 days!!!!!!!!
Have to get my practical head on now time to get organised!!!!

Lots of love and laughter and joy



I still feel amazing after my time away in Somerset .... Idyllic scenery at Atlantis college and tutor .... Lesley Carol is who just amazing and so full of wisdom & knowledge , I learned
So much about sound and about myself ..... Thank you Lesley .... I look forward to returning next year for more wonderment ....
I totally recomend Lesley for sound healing , deva light , sonic and so much more ...... (October 2012)
Darren Jones


".... Everything is going so well with the courses and the Rejuvenation! I have been busy getting all the case studies done and have put a lot of time into it and absolutly LOVE it so very much!! Thankyou,"

"Hello I would like to thank-you so much for sharing the Rejuvenation with me. It has already been such a blessing...."

"....Excellent Im so exicited about starting the Rejuvenation TM and I am loving the Crystal and sound course. : ) Thank-you
Tonya Steinborn


Hi Lesley, Thank you so much for your kind words, encouragement and support. I was so lucky to find you, and I would like to say a big thank you for agreeing to teach me. I would really like to come to a Reiki share, so do let me know when you are planning the next one x I am so excited about the future, I have just bought a portable massage couch, so I can give Reiki treatments knowing that the recipient is comfortable! Im sure that lovely things will grow from this x I will mail you soon, and keep you updated xxxxxxxx Loads of Love Emily xxxxx

Hi Lesley, Just wanted to thank you once again, the weekend I spent with you has been life changing for me on a very personal level. Thank you for sending the certificate and CD, as I opened the envelope
and took everything out I had a lovely shower of angels ... perfect!! We have all shared them out between us.....
Emily Matthews


"...... Please find attached my third Assignment. As always I look forward to your comments. I absolutely love the CDs you sent me and found the chakra clearing meditation with the sound vibrations completely amazing and felt my chakras vibrate in synchronicity - it was quite wonderful. SB"
Suzie Bear


Hi Lesley,

Thank you for the feedback and your kind words. It's been an amazing course and journey and I thank you for your continued guidance and assistance. I have learned so much in this class and my connection to crystals greatly enhanced because of it. Here where I live, there are no such classes, only short one day workshops on crystals.

This class provided me with everything that I was wanting to know, a deep understanding of crystals and how to use them
Thank you for being a great teacher and sharing your knowledge with others!
You may send the certificate by post. Have a wonderful week ahead!

Crystal Blessings,
Maya :)
Maya Bringas


Hello Lesley! How are you? I hope you had an amazing summer. Yes, I have completed your wonderful course! Here goes my last lesson and I hope it meets your satisfaction.... I loved this course.

Lots of love, Sandralee (Greece)
* * *

The tapes themselves are an excellent guided meditation. They are very helpful and an excellent reference. The exercises show me just how powerful sound and the voice are in assisting myself and others on a healing journey.

Like yourself Lesley, I believe that 'thought', is magic and that we create our own reality. The 'Flame of Transformation' excercise is so very positive and is now a personal favorite. It explains how every moment is an opportunity for re-creation and how our self-love and self-respect are so vital for having a fulfilling life. Like it or not, our life is our responsibility. Its a reality that elicits both exhiliaration and fear. No blaming others.

If someone has a 'victim' mentality they will keep repeating negative patterns and continue to live an unfulfilled life. If we have faith and are positive about being the drivers of our life and that everything happens for a reason, then we step into the chamber for the courageous... Heroes healing and evolving, journeying into the flames of transformation. We have a choice, chamber number one or chamber number two. Our life is the design from our choices.

These exercises ultimately remind me how interconnected we all are. Our personal vibrational, balancing and light work affects everything around us in the most positive way. It is our birthright to feel balanced and to be an instrument of love and light.

Namaste, Sandralee




"Thank you for yet another spectacular weekend of learning development and journeying. Your love, wisdom, skill and knowledge is truly appreciated and cherished. How blessed we are to have found you and your natural and generous talents. With much love, light and laughter," Helen B. Coventry, U.K.
(December 2008)

* * * * * *
Helen Braithwaite


“I've really enjoyed the crystal sonic rejuvenation course and have nearly finished my case studies.
I have found it really interesting and everyone I have done and doing are experiencing deep healing and are looking different. I have found myself brighter and happier, relaxed and I can't wait to get started once I qualify. “
(L.Bradbear - London)


Dear Lesley

Thank you so much for yesterday, I so enjoyed myself and I feel a million dollars today! My customer that I told you about has already started telling her clients and has one booked in so she needs to train!! How about that.

I did my face again this morning with the sound tool and I am sure it is looking a bit less saggy round my eyes!

Thank you again!
Best wishes

Just thought I’d let you know that Steve said it was the best treatment he’s ever had! (Steves my partner – business and home!) plus I have had another booking – that’s 2 so far!!


"After just one treatment, which was pure bliss, I looked like I had been on holiday for two weeks. Everyone I saw after remarked on how well I looked, stress lines had disappeared, I was glowing and looked radiant. I felt fantastic in myself also. I would highly recommend it to anyone..."


Hi Lesley had more fantastic result with CrystalSonic Rejuvenation today and last week
Angela xxx

Angela Robinson


"the beautiful lady - Lesley Carol that started my crystal journey......... I did her course many many moons ago and never looked back since! Thank you Lesley for being there at the right time for me.! x"

Krystina Gilchrist


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