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52 Blackbridge Lane
West Sussex
RH12 1RX
United Kingdom

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First Floor, Park House
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Angelrose Holistic & Spiritual Training Centre

Welcome to Angelrose Holistic & Spiritual Clinic and Training Centre, specialising in Crystal Therapy & Vibrational Healing. This is a one stop shop for Spiritual & Holistic Workshops, Courses & Events in the Sussex area. All courses take place in a beautiful venue overlooking Horsham Park. If you have been looking at learning something new or you need something to do for your CPD hours just contact me to see what courses we have available.

Crystal Therapy Practitioner Course - During the 4 Day course held over 3 months, we will look at a selection of crystals and things they can be used for, how to care for them, healing properties, how to work with the crystals on yourself and on others & how to use them to balance your Chakras. This course is fully insurable and registered with the CMA. 

Other Courses Available

10 week Self Healing course

3 Day Crystal Self Healing Course

One Year Spiritual Healing Course

Workshops & Classes

Homeopathic First Aid

Listening Skills

Crystal Healing 

Spiritual Development

Sound Therapy




Manifesting, Journalling & Vision boards

Energy release & cord cutting

Past Life & Inner Child

The Chakras & Chakra Healing


Visit my facebook page for the full details of all these courses, workshops & events. 

About Us

Hi I am Johanna Ellis SDSHom.

I qualified in 2008 from The South Downs School of Homeopathy and have run Angelrose Holistic Centre in Horsham, West Sussex ever since. I first started using homeopathic and holistic medicines over 15 years ago, during a very tough period of my life and have continued to use them for my whole family ever since. I love working with Energy medicines as they are very gentle and work alongside our bodies energy systems, to remind them of their own natural healing abilities & to bring back balance and harmony. I have worked as a healer for nearly 14 years and have been teaching for the past 13 of these. In 2012 I launched a range of vibrational essence aura sprays to compliment my existing holistic treatments. 
 Alongside this I run a Spiritual & Healing Centre in Horsham, where we have evenings of clairvoyance and we teach various courses and development circles.

I have recently moved into a new clinic space in a very beautiful listed building overlooking Horsham Park. In the clinic I will be offering all my therapies alongside an Osteopath, a Life Coach, a Masseuse & Reiki practitioner and a Reflexologist. 

You can book in with me for individual sessions of Crystal Therapy, Acu-sound Therapy, Energy Release, Meditation, Healing or Mediumship readings by popping over to our clinic website  


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