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Academy of Advanced Aesthetics

Academy of Advanced Aesthetics, founded by Barbara Freytag in 2012, was created to provide medical professionals seeking to crossover into the aesthetics sector and aesthetic practitioners, high quality and in-depth training. Since its conception, our team of highly dedicated and experienced professionals have been committed to providing bespoke training packages in non-invasive aesthetic courses to best suit our students. We are constantly developing courses for treatments we anticipate will grow within the aesthetics industry, and our medical training and specialisation with Ultrasound has helped us create some of the newest courses for cutting-edge treatments, with special mention to High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) which is steadily growing in popularity across the UK and abroad. Courses for holistic body contouring treatments such Pressotherapy for Lymphatic Drainage and Cellulite Reduction and Infrared for Detoxification and Weight loss are also rapidly growing in popularity as approaches to weight loss and body sculpting have started to include an ever more holistic approach.
The Academy of Advanced Aesthetics is accredited by CMA as well as Open College Network Credit4Learning, a non-for-profit accreditation organisation that is ISO9001 certified, which means that the OCN Credit4Learning certification service is UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) endorsed, adding further value to learners nationally and internationally. With many of our students hailing from outside of the United Kingdom, having welcomed students from Brazil, India, China, the United Arab Emirates and the Caribbean, we take pride in offering internationally recognised accredited courses, which our students from abroad, and UK students who wish to practice outside of the UK, can both benefit from.
The Academy of Advanced Aesthetics has cultivated nearly ten years of relationships with the leading insurance companies in the aesthetics sector. For any practitioners wishing to establish their own salon, medi-spa or clinic, having the support of a reputable, industry recognised insurance company is crucial. As the insurance companies assess their exposure to risk, heightened due to the rapid migration of medical equipment into the non-regulated, non-surgical aesthetics sector, they seek out training providers who provide high quality training that they can rely on and trust when providing practitioners with insurance. All our courses carry CPD points and qualify for insurance cover. 
At the Academy of Advanced Aesthetics, we work to the highest standards. We are proud of our achievements and translate this into our training sessions where we take pride in seeing our students thrive when given individual attention and care. For the second year running her Academy has been nominated for the “Diamond Safety in Beauty” award in the Training, Education and Development category and won LUX International’s Best Bespoke Beauty Training Provider – England award. We are proud to be the official training partner for the CCR Expo, one of the largest aesthetics conferences in the world.
Our short courses and Level 4 courses both include substantial theory and practical training, and you will be required to complete exams in both in order to gain your course certificate. Please check on our website which courses are available as Level 4 accredited courses:
What makes us special? 
We offer small class sizes of no more than eight students per training session, and we offer one-to-one sessions to discuss the student’s professional and educational goals. 
Training is delivered in manageable units, and our Level 4 accredited courses carry credits which can be transferred to recognise prior learning. 
All of our courses are delivered by a medically trained lecturer who has over 10 years of experience in the beauty and aesthetics sector. 
All our courses qualify you for CPD points (Continuous Professional Development) as well as for insurance cover. 
We are committed to safety and ensuring the student has understood the core knowledge behind the treatment, setting very high standards for ourselves and our students. 
A light lunch and refreshments during the training are provided. 

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