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The American Medical Nutrition & Allied Health College

AMNAH CLINIC was founded in 2009 in Tempe, Arizona to provide healthcare and total body wellness following a holistic integrative philosophy that is focused on educating and training patients to empower them in taking control over their own health.

Later, AMNAH CLINIC was transformed into AMNAH COLLEGE to offer interested students with an enriched learning environment that would help them accomplish their academic goals and better plan their professional careers.

AMNAH COLLEGE is registered in the state of Hawaii, United States of America. However, AMNAH COLLEGE is available to students across the United States of America and worldwide.

AMNAH COLLEGE is a member of the prestigious professional organization, the American Herbalists Guild, and graduates of AMNAH College are eligible to register with it and receive the designation (RH) to be included as a suffix to their names, titles, and abbreviations of their other credentials including the ones obtained through AMNAH College.

AMNAH College is also registered with the Complementary Medical Association, the international organization concerned with regulating colleges offering complementary health education as well as certifying graduates and practitioners in the field of complementary health therapies and education.? AMNAH College graduates are also eligible to get certified with the Complementary Medical Association upon graduating from AMNAH College.

We at AMNAH COLLEGE are concerned with advancing natural health online educational programs and college degrees as well, and we are available to help you advance your healthcare career, so write us or give us a call to find out more about how we can help you prepare for the future!

AMNAH College currently offers courses, certificates, diplomas, and graduate studies in a range of natural healthcare fields, including:

- Complementary & Alternative Medicine
- Functional Medicine
- Integrative Medicine
- Allied Health
- Biomedicine
- Herbal Medicine
- Homeopathy
- Natural Medicine

Tuition at AMNAH College is affordable, $50 per credit hour, and we are continually advancing AMNAH's learning management system and student portal to offer students a technical, yet comfortable study platform.

We are currently enrolling students for the Spring Quarter with a tuition reduction of 35%. Please call us or write us if you wish to learn more about the study programs!

What people say


"I enjoyed doing my biosensory workshops at AMNAH College. The mentors were very helpful in teaching me how to employ biomedical technologies in my practice!"
Gary P.


"AMNAH College helped me explore my future career opportunities and make a sound decision in becoming a medical practitioner!"
Jones S.


"What has always amazed me is that the founders are very well educated individuals! The courses are challenging, but provide a lot of information."
Chapman L.


"The directors of AMNAH College are very wise. They opened my eyes and advised me to become a nutraceutical entrepreneur!"
Laura M.


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