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Established in 1979, ACS offers over 600 courses, from short courses through to diploma level qualifications in ecotherapy, creative therapies, psychology, wellbeing, life coaching, nutrition, psychology, life coaching, horticultural therapy and more. 

What people say


I thoroughly enjoyed my course and found it to be most comprehensive and thorough, encompassing all aspects of animal care both domestic and in the farming environments.

The course was clearly defined and simple to follow. Tutor's comments most helpful and understanding & constructive. Return of assignments within a short time assured continuance of interest.

I would recommend a course with A.C.S. to anyone considering undertaking one.

Jo, Animal Health Care Course


[The course] provides a thorough introduction to the practices of Life Coaching. It provides very good learning materials and practical assignments at end of each lesson. The comments from my tutor are always very encouraging and positive. The services from school administrative staff are excellent [and] the course is recognised by Association of Coaching, UK.

Mai Ming Au, Singapore - Life Coaching MA MSc MBA


This course has been extremely valuable to me as throughout those 5 months my friends all seemed to go through some crisis or other. I have learned so much that I could put into practice and from the responses I have had, it's been very positive. Tutor feedback was fantastic. All individual answers were given a comment which helped me understand if I missed something.

Brenda Harvey, Australia - Counselling Skills I


The notes and study tools encourage me to conduct research to develop my knowledge of components in my course. It is very worthwhile. [My tutor] gives me good feedback and food for thought with her comments and sometimes elaborates on my answers - really value her input.

Larissa Kalnins, Aust - Psychology & Counselling


The diversified information provided within the various lessons of this course was precious as it made me gain knowledge on various diseases and since I'm a volunteer in a public health organisation and since I plan to become a private therapeutic consultant, such information made me further realise the importance of food and nutrition in the treatment of disease.

I always appreciated the comments of my tutor, since her detailed comments and remarks were so personal and always showed me where I did well and why. This encouraged me a lot in order to always do better in every next assignment. Overall, [my tutor's] support and comments were excellent.

Denise Abou Jamra, Lebanon, Therapeutic Nutrition


The Medicinal Herbs course has been an invaluable experience and reference towards doing Naturopathy at University. The tutors are very approachable and informed, the course structure is very well laid out and the enclosed texts and information will be a very useful reference in years to come. Without going to University these courses, in particular Medicinal Herbs, are some of the only other quality information that one can receive at a very reasonable price and a very flexible study structure.



The information given was excellent, but the assignments also made you look further to find answers yourself and I find this a much better way of learning than just being handed all the answers. It has given me a grounding knowledge in human biology which is perfect as I am applying to study Chiropractics at university next year. I couldn’t have asked for more from my tutor. She was very thorough and extremely helpful with any problems I encountered.

Kate, Anatomy


I think the information is good - it will enhance my practise as a case manager working with elderly ethnic people. Gavin Cole is an excellent tutor - his comments are very helpful and he is very quick at getting my assignments back.

Lisa Macnaughton, Australia - Crisis Counselling course


I am currently working on my Diploma in Psychology and Counselling via ACS. I have always wanted to do a course in this field and finally decided to take the plunge about two years ago. I was interested in the subjects ACS offered and liked the idea of being able to study via long distance and at my own pace. I have learnt a lot from this course and have enjoyed it immensely.

I left my job in the Telco industry in 2010 in order to pursue my passion in counselling. I have been doing some volunteer work to complement my studies, and I am loving it! These volunteer roles have enabled me to practice some of what I have learnt from the course and the experience has been invaluable. I am still learning a great deal! Just when I think I understand what counselling is all about, something new comes up and I am put right back into student mode.

ACS is very flexible in their approach which I have found extremely helpful when it came to some of my assignments. For example, in my Child Psychology module where I didn't always have access to interviewing children, my tutor mentioned that I could do alternative research instead to answer the questions, which is great.

Sharon Alsop, UK, Diploma in Psychology and Counselling


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