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Speaker Line-up for "Scientific Research in Homeopathy" Conference 27th March 2010


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We are very proud to have an excellent line-up of speakers for this conference.  You will see brief details below.  There are only a few remaining tickets for this event, so if you are intending to book please do so soon.


Dr Alexander Tournier PhD BSc Cantab LCHE RSHom
Dr Tournier studied physics and mathematics at Imperial College and Cambridge before writing his PhD in biophysics in Heidelberg (Germany). He also qualified from the Centre for Homeopathic Education in 2007. His expertise is in quantum mechanics, water structures, water-protein interactions. Dr Tournier is currently a research fellow for Cancer Research UK working on problems at the interface between biology, physics and mathematics. Dr Tournier is currently chairman of the Homeopathy Research Institute.

Dr Lionel Milgrom LCH, MARH, MRHom, BSc, MSc, PhD, CChem, FRSC

Lionel Milgrom graduated from LCH in 1999 and spent a year treating the homeless, later taking the Orion course in advanced homeopathy. While practising from home, Lionel has also practised at Nelsons and Ainsworths Homeopathic Pharmacies, and taught at various homeopathy colleges. Lionel has also had a long career as an academic research scientist. Building on novel results of his and his colleagues' research into targeting tumours with light-sensitive dyes, this has culminated in his co-founding an anti-cancer bio-tech spin-out company at Imperial College London in 2001.


Oliver Dowding

Since 1976 Oliver has farmed in South-East Somerset, on a family farm.  There are now 800 acres of owned and, mostly, rented land.  Conversion to organic methods began in 1989, finishing 3 years later.  Oliver kept 300 dairy cows and their 200 or so female offspring for replacements from 1976 to the point of their dispersal in 2004.   Oliver used homeopathy extensively to treat his herds - with great success both in terms of health and also comercially. 

Oliver has been and continues to be involved with a variety of agri-political posts and interests, seeking to deliver both a better environment in which to live and farm, better health for consumers, and also improved conditions for the business.  These have included being on the NFU Council for 5 years, chairing it's Organic Committee for 5 years, and being Vice-Chairman of the Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative (OMSCO) for 7 years.


Dr Rob Verkerk BSc, MSc, DIC, PhD was appointed Executive Director of the Alliance for Natural Health in February 2002. Prior to this he was a post-doctoral Research Fellow at Imperial College, University of London, specialising in sustainable agriculture. He continues to maintain strong links with Imperial College and has had a long-standing interest in environmental, health and sustainability issues. Rob is a highly sought after and compelling speaker who is also extremely personable - his talks are always overbooked - which is testament to his exceptional presentation skills and the fact that his content and research are always impeccable.


Dr Steven Cartwright PhD LCH DSH MARH gained his PhD from Edinburgh University and spent many years as a research biochemist at Oxford University before discovering homeopathy. He subsequently trained at The College of Homeopathy, London (LCH) and The School of Homeopathy, Devon (DSH) and has been in practice since 1988. Throughout this time Dr Cartwright has been developing methodologies for investigating the physico-chemical nature of homeopathic medicines. In the last year this approach has led to a programme of experimental work at the Cherwell Innovation Centre in Oxford aimed at developing assay systems for homeopathic potencies as well as demonstrating changes in solution on succussion which it is hoped will eventually lead to an explanation of the mechanism of action of homeopathy.


Dr Clare Relton is a Health Services Researcher with an interest in 

    * Randomised controlled trial design (pragmatic).

    * Patient Experiences in clinical trials

    * Informed consent procedures

    * Obesity, Insomnia, Chronic Pain syndromes, Menopause

    * Homeopathic medicine

Clare is a qualified homeopath with 15 years experience, 8 of which were in the NHS. She currently works at the Universities of Leeds and Sheffield.  More info about Dr Relton here  

Kate Chatfield
BA, MSc, MNWCH, RSHom. Kate graduated from North West College of Homeopathy and has taught homeopathy at University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) since the undergraduate course began in 1999. She is currently course leader for MSc Homeopathy at UCLan, an e-learning course that attracts homeopaths from all over the world. Kate has been an active in promoting research awareness for homeopaths for many years and was a founder member of the Society of Homeopaths Research Committee. She has a background in philosophy and her latest undertaking is a PhD in ethics and complementary medicine.


Presented by Jayney Goddard

Jayney Goddard FCMA, Lic.LCCH, Dip.ACH, graduated from LCCH in 1995 and then studied psychoanalysis and hypnoanalysis for a further two years. Jayney was a member of the working party that finalised the National Occupational Standards (NOS) in Homeopathy and was a founder member of CORH.  She is President of the Complementary Medical Association (The CMA) and is a well known writer and broadcaster.  Her most recent publication is "Complementary and Alternative Health: The Scientific Verdict on What Really Works" - this book is a vast work which draws on over 10,000 research studies.  Jayney was commissioned by Collins to edit the UK, European and Australian edition of this work.  Jayney will be hosting the "Scientific Research in Homeopathy" Conference and also chairing the panel discussion at the end of the day.


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