The "Vegetable Lamb Plant" Could Treat Osteoporosis

The "Vegetable Lamb Plant" Could Treat Osteoporosis

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As part of an ongoing programme to review all of the plant-based medicines in Vietnam a combination of researchers from South Korea and Vietnam have found one plant that is already showing remarkable medicinal properties under testing: Cibotium barmoetz (C. barmoetz), more commonly known as the Wooly Tree Fern.

As with most “new” medical discoveries like this, the Wooly Tree Fern has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years in South East Asia - mainly for to treat conditions such as rheumatism, muscle aches and pains, nerve pain, and body aches - especially during pregnancy.

The "Wooly Fern" plant was originally known as "Vegetable Lamb" and was believed to bear fruit that ripened into a living baby sheep.

The research in the Journal of Natural Products, (from the American Chemical Society) shows that it could be used to fight osteoporosis.

Four phytochemicals from the plant have been shown to halt the formation of almost all (97%) osteoclast cells, without harming other cells.

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