The Emmett Technique

The EMMETT Technique takes the strain out of therapy

Everyone loves a treatment - except the manual therapist’s hands!  Years of working can take its toll on even the most practiced and expert therapist.

Australian remedial massage therapist Ross Emmett has changed all that by developing the EMMETT Technique.

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Ross Emmett

TheEMMETT Technique involves applying light pressure to specific points on the body to create instant change.  It is extremely effective as a stand-alone therapy but is easily combined with any bodywork or exercise program to gain enhanced results.

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Relieving lower back pain which typically takes a lot of work using conventional massage for example, can be achieved with the EMMETT Technique in just a few minutes.  Sports people can be treated quickly, which means less time off the field for them.  For frail people, babies and others with restricted mobility the treatment is gentle and less intrusive that other forms of massage.  And being gentle, the EMMETT Technique is much kinder on the therapist’s hands and joints than many other approaches, thus extending the career of many therapists.

Many therapists are aware of the importance of the deep postural structures but accessing and correcting them can be tricky, and often painful for both client and therapist. However, assessing and releasing psoas tension as an example is simple with the EMMETT Technique and with minimal discomfort to the client. The same can be said for addressing the quadratus lumborum, piriformis, and iliacus muscles, which are all highly implicated in lower back pain.

A wide range of therapists has discovered the benefits of having the EMMETT Technique as part of their skills repertoire. Medical practitioners, physiotherapists, Bowen therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, personal trainers and Pilates instructors are enthusiastically embracing the EMMETT Technique.  

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Emmet Practitioners


For course information, testimonials, and to see how quickly the EMMETT Technique works watch the short video clips on the EMMETT UK website:

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