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We have received several questions regarding whether or not practitioners in the UK can return to work.


UPDATE: 10th July 2020

In order for us to keep you fully updated, please consult our Facebook page here.  The 'reopening' situation is so fluid and we are doing our best to keep you fully informed across a wide variety of countries where the information is not completely clear.  Using our social media platforms is the fastest way that we can keep you informed - so please bookmark the page so that you can return to it for updates.  

It looks as though most countries of the UK can largely reopen very soon - and we have put the actual links for each of the countries up on our facebook pages as it makes it easier for you there.  Remember though that there are some 'hot spots' (e.g. Leicester), where different rules apply.  


UPDATE: 9th July 2020

Letter from Diane Dodds Business and Economy Minister NI

Here at The CMA we have been lobbying various government departments across all four countries of the UK - including health, business/economy, Prime/First Ministers, another relevant cabinet ministers in order to get some form of recognition for our sector - and an acknowledgment that our professional Members - who offer 'close contact' services are allowed to return to work.  (As you'll understand, The CMA represents over 130 different disciplines - so while we don't expect government to be able to make statements about each of these, we do need clarification about 'close contact' (hands-on) disciplines, and non-contact disciplines).

We are delighted to announce that we can see a little light at the end of the tunnel now, following a very kind and well thought out response from Diane Dodds, Minister for The Economy in Northern Ireland. You can see her letter to us on The CMA's COVID page here.  

Ms Dodds states that she understands the huge efforts practitioners have made in order to reopen safely and, in acknowledgement of that, she is happy for our NI practitioners to reopen - and we can infer from that, that she is also happy for our non-contact practitioners to reopen too.  She understandably points out that this is a fluid situation - so we have to remain aware of developments and respond accordingly.

We are hoping that we can leverage this position from Ms Dodds to apply pressure to other UK governments - as she has set a very helpful precedent.

As always - we must emphasise that it is vital for you to observe government guidance for social distancing, safety and PPE.  Also - please keep a close eye on guidance from your insurers.  We are pleased with their response so far - in that they are continuing to cover CMA Members, on the proviso that you are demonstrably following government guidelines.  See my video here on "Emerging From Lockdown" for checklists that you can follow to reopen safely.



Here are your links to all of the online courses and resources, worksheets and more that we have produced so far to help your business survive and thrive, through COVID-19 and beyond.



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Easton Hamilton, the Director of CMA Members Reach, has put together several articles regarding mental health and COVID-19. We are using this article with their permission as part of our COVID-19 response.

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