Physiotherapy and Acupuncture For Stroke Patients?

Physiotherapy and Acupuncture For Stroke Patients?

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Researchers have set out to assess the value of acupuncture in helping in the recovery of patients who had suffered ischemic strokes. They also sought to determine the role that physiotherapy – on its own, or coupled with acupuncture, might play.

They looked at 120 patients (84 men; 36 women) and used the Fugl–Meyer assessment (FMA) method to assess how the motor function in the limbs responded alongside a modified version of the Barthel index (MBI) to rate daily living activities.

The researchers from Fudan University, Shanghai, Shanghai Huashan Hospital, The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, Guangzhou, People's Republic of China found that after 28 and 56 days of treatment the mean FMA scores of the group receiving physiotherapy alone had increased by 66% and then 88%.

Their MBI scores had risen by 85% and 108%.

Those receiving just the acupuncture treatment had risen to (28 and 56 days) 58% and 65%; with their MBI scores rising by 60% and 71%.

And those receiving the combined treatments had risen to 67% and 87%; with increases in MBI scores of 63% and 86%.

The researchers concluded that Acupuncture is less effective for the outcome measures studied than is physiotherapy.

And, surprisingly, the therapeutic effect of combining acupuncture with physiotherapy was not superior to that of physiotherapy alone.

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