Origins of ear candling

ear candling

Revealing facts about the possible origins of ear candling – it’s not what you think!

From CMA Approved Supplier Naturhelix

The possible - surprising - origin of ear candles

Ear candles and ear candling have been popular for the past few decades. It is a significant discipline  in the complementary medicine field.   Here at Naturhelix, we believe that if the historical origins of ear candling can be proven by genuine sources, this will enhance the prestige of this healing method.

Some European and American ear candle manufacturers try to prove the ancient origin of ear candles by questionable evidence and there a lot of myths out there that simply are not true. There are numerous articles all over the internet on the supposed origins of ear candling as a natural healthcare discipline and many of them leave a great deal to be desired.

However, the manufacturer of Naturhelix ear candles - a Hungarian company - have found surprising and undeniable evidence for the ancient use of ear candling as a health-promoting method:

Hungarian ethnographers spent a long period of time in the ’90s with the ancient Siberian Khanty people and did ethnographic  research on their lives.

Map of the Khanty’s territory:



During their stay with the Khanties, the researchers had the opportunity to record, on film, a Khanty father treating his child with an ear candle made by himself.

Short footage on the process of making the ear candle:

Short footage of the ear candling:   


During a fascinating conversation with Dr. Ágnes Kerezsi ethnographer, one of the chief curators of the Hungarian Ethnographic Museum, Naturhelix colleagues had the opportunity to hear details about the research she carried out and to watch the video  she recorded among the Khanties.  

A surprising fact: Dimitrij K., - the father who carries out the ear candling on the video - told the researchers that in the past, when cloth and paraffin wax was not easily available, the ear candle had been made of birch bark and beeswax.

Details for the sake of historical authenticity; 

Date of recording: June 1992

Place: Northwest-Siberia,  Khanty–Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Tyumen therritory, Surgutsky District, Tromagan river region.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Recording created by Dr. Ágnes Kerezsi, ethnographer                                                                                                                 

Locals already used cotton and standard candle wax for making ear candles in the ’90s, and due to oil drilling in the area, the region had been connected to the national goods supply  system, and this is how this technique was able to spread more widely.


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