Omega-3 as a Remedy?

Omega-3 as a Remedy?

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Over the last few months The CMA website has covered a number of topics which have looked at natural remedies used by CAM practitioners, such as OMEGA-3 and how it is being researched to see its effect on various conditions.

Some of the most recent articles on OMEGA-3 include:


Omega-3 (Fish Oil) to Protect Dialysis Patients from Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Researchers have found evidence that Omega-3 (“long-chain n-3 fatty acids”) may protect against sudden cardiac death, amongst dialysis patients.


Some Omega-3’s Better Than Others in Liver Disease?

Research published in the online Journal of Nutrition has found that one type of Omega-3 has a powerful effect in helping prevent inflammation in the liver – and fibrosis.


Obesity Runs from Generation to Generation in Those with Diets High in Omega 6 - and Low in Omega 3's

"we show that a Western-like, fat diet induces a gradual fat-mass enhancement, in accordance with the increasing prevalence of obesity observed in humans".


Omega-3 Can Boost Memory

Researchers have found that supplementation with Omega-3 helps boost the working memory of young adults (18-25).

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