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Dr Sarmila Sinha


Dr Sarmila Sinha is a Consultant Psychiatrist, Author and Motivational Speaker based in the UK. She is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and Fellow of the Complementary Medical Association. She has been a Health and Well-Being Ambassador for doctors in the NHS and has over 15 years of experience as a Psychiatrist in the UK. She is the founder of The CMA registered Training College, Living Life Stress Free, which provides Stress Management courses, workshops and online courses for professionals and entrepreneurs.

Dr Sinha’s latest book on Depression, titled ‘Depression, A Guide to Recovery’, is now available on Amazon.

Find Dr Sinha’s blogs on various health topics on her website.

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 Bianca Madison-Vuleta




Bianca Madison-Vuleta has attained her extensive knowledge of natural and complementary medicine by studying with many of the world’s leading experts, including Lifestyle Medicine training at Harvard Medical School.

She is Founder and Co-chair of The British Academy for Lifestyle Medicine, whose mission is to provide world class education in promoting healthier and more responsible lives through sustainably improved lifestyle choices.

Lifestyle Medicine is widely recognised as the holistic model which is transforming and revolutionising the Western healthcare system. Bianca is very honoured to be at the cutting edge of the global wellness revolution.

She commands immense authority and respect in the field by writing, presenting and lecturing internationally, alongside her successful therapy practices in London and Oxfordshire.

Bianca specialises in Lifestyle Medicine and preventative healthcare, wellness and anti ageing coaching and Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology (CPNI), mind-body health optimisation.

Her expertise, passion, dedication and professionalism have resulted in an expanding local, international and celebrity client base. Each client is assured a one-to-one consultation with blood microscopy analysis and a detailed assessment of medical history, fitness, lifestyle, mental, emotional and spiritual status.

Utilising a variety of therapies from her repertoire, Bianca facilitates the removal of the root causes of her clients’ chronic health issues, which leads to restoration and maintenance of their joyful and vibrant health and well-being.

Her motto is: “Nurture your mind, nourish your body, heal your life.”

Bespoke lifestyle, fitness, emotional and dietary recommendations and modifications, delicious and nutritious plant based whole food meal plans, superfoods and effective supplementations, combined with skilful and compassionate support, guidance and coaching, all contribute towards achieving sustainable results and maintaining long term peak health, including fit and toned body, optimised energy levels, sleep, fitness, brain power and overall performance.

Bianca’s exceptional skills with hypnotherapy, NLP, counselling and psychotherapy are in high demand with clients who are struggling with emotional and psychological challenges, such as addictions, relationship problems, weight issues, stress, career and self esteem challenges, bereavement etc.

Bianca strongly believes that when we heal the Earth we heal ourselves.

Her own passion for the individual and planetary health motivates her to instil enthusiasm in her clients for living greener and more natural and holistic lifestyles.

As Co-Founder of Sustainable Planet Foundation and Trustee of Green Economics Institute, Bianca has been collaborating for many years with numerous national and international human rights and environmental NGOs as a committed and inspired global campaigner, author, fundraiser and public speaker.
Her passion is to change the world by raising awareness and promoting solutions for women’s global health issues, gender equality, sustainable global food production and environmental and social justice.

In recognition of her philanthropic work she has received Ambassador for Peace award from UPF, an NGO with a special consultative status with the UN, has served as Global Poverty Ambassador for Global Poverty Project and was recently featured in Inspiration Bible, a book devoted to inspiring and uplifting humanity.


Website Links:

Effective Health Solutions

The Madison Weight Loss System

Sustainable Planet Foundation

FB: Bianca Madison-Vuleta

Instagram: BiancaMadisonVuleta

LinkedIn: Bianca Madison-Vuleta




Michael Moxon 




Michael Moxon’s career as a back practitioner evolved more out of necessity than as a regular career choice. He had suffered for quite some time with excruciating back pain and exhausted all the conventional channels for treatment, whilst seeking relief from his continual pain. Eventually an Orthopaedic Surgeon advised him that having surgery to replace a prolapsed and herniated disc was the only way forward.

This option did not sit well with Michael, who began his research into main stream and alternative therapies, in order to develop his own unique treatment programme. He has studied Chiropractic Treatment, Osteopathy, Physical Therapy, Remedial Massage, Acupressure Trigger Points and Chinese Medical Theory at an academic level. This knowledge combined with his own personal experience spending countless hours with professional in various fields whilst seeking a solution to his own situation, led him to create his ultimate therapy. 

Michael's Unique Treatment Programme works to reduce pain, inflammation and discomfort. Adjustments are made to correct any misaligned vertebrae, which allows the body to begin its own natural healing process by restoring the all important and underestimated ‘brain-body’ lines of communication. 

The therapies used during one of Michael’s unique treatments can include Interferential Electro Stimulation, Spinal Vertebrae Alignment, Ultrasound Therapy and Shiatsu Massage. They are combined in a way that allows Michael deliver the most effective results for each of his patients. Full recovery and long term results could not be expected without educating patients to begin to do things differently in their day to day lives. Understanding proper Back Management - including all the important “how to’s” as well as the more conventional “what not to do’s” - is a crucial part of the process and forms a key part in how Michael helps his patients enjoy their new pain free lives for the forseeable future.


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Meditation, yoga, and relaxation techniques have gained widespread acceptance among broad segments of the population in recent years. However, meditative, mindfulness-based interventions have also been used successfully for many years in the clinical treatment of psychological and physical conditions such as anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

Sometimes when we are reading a good book, it's like we are transported into another world and we stop paying attention to what's around us. Researchers at the University of Washington wondered if people enter a similar state of dissociation when surfing social media, and if that explains why users might feel out of control after spending so much time on their favorite app.

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