Meditation for Peace, 9th March 2022


As the invasion of Ukraine rages on and the bad news keeps filtering through to us, I want to extend my deepest condolences to those who are caught up amid these troubles and do not condone the actions of those in power. 

In a bid to try and ease the burden for our Members, Friends and Associates around the world I (Jayney Goddard, President of The Complementary Medical Association) ran a group meditation session where we meditated together and focused on delivering peace. It was a privilege and an honour to run this session and I'd like to take this opportunity to share some of the highlights with you!

The session opened with an encouraging welcome to each participant as we discussed where we were located. We opted to hold the meditation at 3:33pm for thirty-three minutes- a predetermined number that I felt was appropriate due to the significance and connotations. Three and the variations of three are significant power numbers within spirituality, communication and healing, empowering us to strengthen one another. 

We then moved into the meditation element and pooled our energetic and spiritual resources together, reintroducing it into the universe, hoping it would strengthen those in need. Finally, we opted for silent meditation to allow each participant the creative freedom to conceptualise their healing energy however they saw fit.

The words that I chose to affirm before the session are as follows:

May those who are sick heal

May those who are anxious find peace

May those who are in pain be relieved

May those who have light to spread come forth

May those who have darkness in their hearts find love

May the light in me radiate out into the world and radiate to every being. 

I am delighted that so many of you could join us for this spiritual experience. However, for those of you who were unable to join, I implore you to explore the benefits of meditation yourself. Feel free to use either my mantra or one of your own. It is a personal experience, and there is no right or wrong way to engage your core beliefs. For those of you who would like to know more about meditation, I have included a blog below, detailing my favoured form of reflection and how it can be carried out. I am currently exploring the idea of running future sessions like this and I would be delighted for all looking for a swift and peaceful resolution to all conflicts to join these sessions! To stay up to date with the latest sessions, please feel free to follow The Complementary Medical Association's social media platforms.

I wish you all a gorgeous and mindful week. Please continue to think about those enduring hardships and treat one another with love and respect as each human deserves. 

Sending you all love and strength from myself and the whole team at The CMA x


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