Jayney Goddard MasterClasses

Jayney Goddard

Introducing brand new practice / business development MasterClasses, online, live


Jayney Goddard MSc, FCMA, FRSM,

President, The CMA


Build your practice NOW - doing the work you love!



Online Jayney Goddard Master-Classes - Build YOUR Dream Practice!

Jayney Goddard is launching online Master-Classes in September if you'd like to build your business in the comfort of your own home!

This is a six-week courses which will provide you with everything you need to know in order to build your Dream Practice!  

Jayney will provide you with an A-Z Blueprint for Practice Development that you can follow step-by-step each week for 6 weks.  In addition, you'll be able to join the Jayney Goddard MasterClasses pivate group only for course participants where you'll have mentoring from Jayney herself - and her special guests.  

All Jayney's classes will be fully interactive, so you'll be able to ask questions, participate in polls, surveys and more. 

Of course, we offer a huge discount for CMA Members in any category. The full course (all 12 classes) is only £247 and can be paid in one go – or in three separate payments of only £82.33 (plus an admin fee of £2.99 per payment to cover the additional PayPal charges).
The course fee for non-CMA Members is £297 or £99.66 (plus the £2.99 PayPal fee).

Really? A FULL and COMPLETE Business/Practice development programme for only £247 / £297?

Is that correct?

Yes, it really is!

Plus . . . during and after the course you will be able to join our secret Facebook club where you and your course colleagues will be able to network, discuss business and practice development issues and ask Jayney questions on an ongoing basis. This group is TOP SECRET – and only course attendees will be allowed entry. Jayney is totally committed to mentoring – so she promises that she will support you every step of the way through this course – and beyond.

Why is it so inexpensive?
We have priced this course to make it totally accessible to as many practitioners and students as possible.

Here's Jayney's confession . . . "Over the last 24 years, I have dedicated my life to complementary medicine and believe that this world is a far, far better place because of the work that we practitioners do. We are making a big difference.

My personal dream is to see as many practitioners out there being as successful as possible. This means that practitioners are treating many patients and clients – doing the work they love. I WANT YOU to be successful and I will do what it takes to support you.

Do Jayney's courses work?

Oh yes!!! I've been teaching business/practice development for over 10 years and have developed a "proven to work" format that you take step-by-step. If you work through it as suggested, you WILL be more successful.

In fact, I'm so confident about this programme working that I offer a 100% refund if the course doesn’t measurably improve your business/practice after you’ve implemented all my teaching.

Can I try it on for size?
Yes! Of course you can . . . why not join Jayney's Practice Development Facebook Group here to take advantage of giveaways, downloads and Facebook Live sessions now! 


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