Jayney Goddard Books

Jayney Goddard Books


Complementary and Alternative Health: The Scientific Verdict on What Really Works

The last word on complementary medicines and treatments, allowing you to take control of your health by telling you the pros, cons and proven efficacy of all the options.

There are many safe ways to treat your family's health problems without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. But complementary medicine can also be a minefield. In the age of information overload - how can we possibly know what to believe - and many media reports don't help - it seems as if we are reading contradictory reports almost weekely!

Furthermore - one of the most important considerations when using some forms of complementary medicine is the fact that they can interact with conventional drugs.  This book contains a comprehensive breakdown of currently known interactions.  On the other hand - there are some complementary approaches e.g. certain vitamins and supplements, that actually help to reduce the nasty side-effects of conventional drugs - this data is also listed.

Do you know all the complementary medical options?

Are they safe?

Do they really work?

This guide allows you to treat your family's health problems safely and effectively, whether you prefer to do so in conjunction with conventional medicines, or instead of them.

Complementary & Alternative Health: The Scientific Verdict on What Really Works (UK Edition) is edited by CMA President, Jayney Goddard..

Jayney Goddard says:

"I was delighted to be asked by Collins to edit this excellent book. Originally, the information in the book was collated by respected integrated medical doctor and researcher Dr Steve Bratman - and the info was made available to doctors as an online database in the USA.   My job was to take the original work, read all the studies and "turn them into English" so that this incredibly valuable information would be made available to readers in the UK."

"The information in "Complementary and Alternative Medicine: The Scientific Verdict on What Really Works" draws from over 10,000 scientific studies - the vast majority of which are robust, well conducted Random Controlled Trials. and I have made a particular effort to make the book relevant and accessible to anyone interested in complementary medicine - it is suited to doctors and the public."

"When I had just started to work on this book I was explaining what it was all about to a lady who owns my favourite dress shop in London.  She has no knowledge of complementary medicine at all.  When I explained the format of the book - and the fact that all the data in the book is actually based on scientific trials she was really excited.  I remember her telling me that she was unhappy with her current medication and was getting lots of horrible side effects.  She had wanted to try complementary medicine but hadn't known who - or what - to trust. She said that it was a relief to know that at last there is somewhere to go to get the answers about options that she could safely try."

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: The Scientific Verdict on What Really Works contains all you ever needed to know about complementary medicine - with a full explanation of the current state of scientific research in the field. This book draws on over 10,000 published scientific studies and is unique in this field. The book is available from The CMA online shop*. Click here to go there NOW!

*All products sold in The CMA online shop support the work of The CMA - which is a non-profit organisation.  Our remit is to help people to understand more about ethical, professional complementary medicine.  We assist doctors and the public to find properly qualified, insured practitioners and we also assist those looking for complementary medical training schools and colleges.

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