George Floyd protests - The CMA's position


George Floyd protests - The CMA's position


By now, we are sure that you are all aware of the protests currently happening in the USA - and now around the world - following the death of George Floyd. 

We stand with them.

The CMA is a global organisation, with members from all races, genders, sexualities, ethnicities, and religions. There should never be discrimination towards other people for any of these reasons.

Although our three primary team members here at The CMA come from a place of privilege, we want to use our platform to spread awareness, and strongly encourage anyone who can to do the same. We must all stand together against racism, hatred, fear, and injustice.

Beyond spreading awareness, donating to charities helping the protestors will also make a difference, if you are able.

Minnesota Freedom Fund, a charity who pay bail for protestors who have been arrested, are currently well funded, and so have provided a list of smaller charities who need help – see the list here.

Black Lives Matter continue to work to end systemic racism – read more and donate to their efforts here.

Donate to the family of George Floyd here.

If you have any further questions on The CMA’s position on this matter, please email Megan at

We must do better.


Stay safe,

The CMA team

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