Crystal Therapy? Remedies That Work?

Crystal Therapy?

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The CMA website has covered a number of articles which have looked at CRYSTAL THERAPY and how it is being used on various conditions.

A crystal healer will not usually claim to treat specific ailments, rather, they aim to holistically improve a person's health on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

There hasn't been much scientific research into crystal healing but there is very strong anecdotal evidence to suggest that people do feel better after a treatment.


Some of the most various crystals used for treatments include:

TOPAZ for those of a negative nature

Especially those of a negative nature i.e. anger, jealousy or worry.

SUNSTONE to help you move away from any fears

This stone is reported to help you move away from any fears you have of expanding on any level, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

SPINEL (RED) inspires you to complete projects

The Origin of the name is uncertain but the Greek word "spinos" means "spark" which could refer to the white streaks in this stone.

SAPPHIRE lifts the spirits

Although the Greek word "sapphirus" means "blue" the stone sapphire can come in a variety of colours

RUBY to treat conditions where vitality is depleted

RUBY: It is thought that the word comes from the Latin "ruber" meaning "red".

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