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Coconoil Virgin Coconut Oils

The Coconoil brand of Virgin Coconut oils was established in the immediate aftermath of the Asian Tsunami of Boxing Day 2004 which hit Sri Lanka so badly. The founding aim and ethos of the company was to help create jobs out of the chaos by sourcing easily obtainable local products for export to the UK in order to earn much needed hard currency for Sri Lanka.

The many great health benefit of Virgin Coconut Oil have been known in SE Asia, Africa and the Caribbean for many years but through misinformation and self- interest have been ignored and even ridiculed in the “West” for several decades. However, after nearly a decade of very hard work by many people the attitude to Virgin Coconut Oil is now changing and as so often happens the common sense of the population is beginning to prevail over the self-interested mis informants.


Coconoil Virgin Coconut Oil is the oil that is extracted from the fresh meat of the coconut oil by the cold pressing method and is completely natural with nothing added or taken away. Virgin Coconut Oil is basically a Medium Chain Fatty Acid that is an excellent cooking oil that can be used for any type of cooking where oils are used, or as an ingredient for food and can also be used topically as a hair or skin treatment.

Owing to the fact that even at very high cooking heats Virgin Coconut Oil does not oxidise and become a dangerous trans fat which could cause cardiovascular problems it is a very heart friendly cooking oil. Also as it is a Medium Chain Triglyceride, Virgin Coconut Oil is very easily absorbed in to the body and leaves no adipose or stored fats to add to body weight. The easy absorption also means the pancreas has to do very little work meaning Virgin Coconut Oil is helpful for daibetics.

When ingested Virgin Coconut Oil easily travels to the liver to become an excellent source of energy and is slightly thermogenic therefore helps speed up the metabolism and is often used in the management of such conditions as hypothyroidism and ME.

One of the major components of Virgin Coconut Oil is Lauric Acid which is also present in human breast milk and is responsible for helping to form the babies immune system in the antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial functions. Therefore when children and adults take Virgin Coconut Oil as part of their daily diet they are either maintaining an already healthy immune system or repairing a compromised one.

At Coconoil we now carry a range of sizes and varieties of Virgin Coconut Oil including Organic and Original. Our products are available from a wide range of sellers including practitioners, health food shops, web sites including Amazon.


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