CMA Health and Activity Retreats

Get away from it all!

CMA Health and Activity Retreats

Following the huge success of our on-going health retreats we have more planned for 2017:


Relaxation, Rejuvenation, Life Transformation, Detox and Yoga

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Book now - these are small group retreats only so that we can give you the individualised attention you deserve!



It's YOU - only fitter, healthier, leaner, stronger and more resilient than ever!
  • Can you imagine spending a life-changing week completely relaxing and being taken care of by the world's leading health and wellbeing experts - with the most fabulous gourmet healthy food and juices, revitalising and rejuvenating treatments, gentle exercise in the lush, pristine surroundings of centuries-old olive groves nestled in the Spanish mountains?
  • Imagine how it feels to throw open your windows in the morning to be greeted by the sweet sound of bird-song and just drinking in the sunshine and clean, fresh air?
  • What would it feel like to be caressed by the gentle breeze, warmed by the sun on your back as you relax next to the crystal clear, cool meandering river in our valley?

  • Would you like to relax deeply and say goodbye to stress?
  • How about getting fitter, losing weight (permanently) and really toning up?
See yourself relaxing into personalised optional yoga sessions - tailored just for your needs, having Reiki healing to align and balance your energies, indulging in the most magnificent pampering beauty treatments and massage - all the while learning about the very latest in optimum nutrition, anti-ageing approaches, mind/body medicine, relaxation, stress resilience and much, much more.  All this will be tailored specially to you so that you can bring all these easy-to-implement strategies home with you so that you can continue on your own wellbeing odyssey.


jayney 2a reversed.jpgComplementary Medical Association President and course leader, Jayney Goddard says:

"Come to Spain with us for just one week and you'll completely recharge your batteries, you'll learn how to deeply relax and be more resilient in the future.

Our talented team of world class health and wellbeing experts will ensure that you return rejuvenated and revitalised - healthier and happier, fitter, leaner, stronger (mentally, physically and emotionally).  

You'll have lots of one-on-one care to make sure that your retreat will exactly fit your needs - with individualised exercise plans, nutrition guidance, meditation/visualisation, healing, and much more.  Do join us on this magical and transformational break - we can't wait to spend time with you - supporting you in your health adventure!"


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 The pool at Cortijo Las Salinas - overlooking olive tree covered mountain-sides.  

The view hasn't changed since the Romans built the Cortijo two thousand years ago - it is like stepping back in history.



newcam.pngA bird's eye view of the Cortijo las Salinas


Meditation, relaxation, deep connection

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 Gorgeous Green Juices and Smoothies

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Fabulous plant-based (mainly raw) diet

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Optional yoga classes for people of all capabilities


 Walking down the gorge - just below the Cortijo


Just one of the cozy bedrooms

Facial beauty treatment lying on back.jpg

One of our many fabulous beauty and pampering treatments

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