Brain Size - Proportional to the Number of Friends You Have

Size of Brain is Directly Proportional to the Number of Friends You Have

friends brain size 600.jpg

Researchers from Oxford University have established that the number of friends you have is related to the size of your brain.

The research, published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Academy of Biological Sciences, showed that the size of a part of your brain just above your eyes – the orbital prefrontal cortex  - is linked to the number of friends you have.

The larger your orbital prefrontal cortex is – the more likely you are to have more friends.

Lead researcher Professor Robin Dunbar explained;

“We found that individuals who had more friends did better on mentalising tasks and had more neural volume in the orbital frontal cortex. Understanding this link between an individual’s brain size and the number of friends they have helps us understand the mechanisms that have led to humans developing bigger brains than other primate species”.

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