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What is Bio-resonance hair testing?


Bio-resonance can trace its history back to 1879, and despite the obvious benefits, it remains one of the industry’s best kept secrets. This could be about to change, as the latest science and a host of leading industry lights such as Dr Bruce Lipton are shining the spotlight on the role of energy, information and vibration in daily life.



A person is not only a biochemical machine but an integration of information, energy and matter in a constant flow. Mainstream science has reduced a person to a series of biochemical interactions, organs or systems when in fact we should have a more holistic view of an integrated series of programs working in harmony. That’s where bio-resonance comes into its own. It can successfully help us to see the whole picture through the process of resonance, which nature uses for all its communication.


Resonance is communication where energy and information are exchanged according to matching frequencies at different intensities. With Bio-resonance devices, these measurements are used to generate a score which represents the resonant influence of the item being assessed to the person in question. For example, this form of hair testing can identify current food sensitivities, pathogenic and toxic stresses and nutritional requirements. This is not a scale that measures any physical count but instead a type of relevance score, indicating how relevant the item is to the person at the point in time.




Given that energy and information are the controllers of matter, we now have a better picture of how to change matter or the physical body by communicating with it through resonance. It’s a subtle but very powerful tool which enables practitioners to see a clear picture of where to start when looking to create harmony and healing within their clients. Not only that but it creates extra revenue streams for clinics, promoting the service, adding value and chargeable time, along with additional product sales. It’s time to give it a try and see for yourself.



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