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What is Bio Energy Healing?

Within the field of Bio Energy Medicine & Healing there is a wide range of Bio Energy Healing techniques, some of which are at the cutting edge of modern day medicine.

Bio Energy Medicine and Healing techniques can work dynamically yet subtly to release emotional and physical illnesses and ailments... without having to analyse the why's, when's and how's.


Most forms of Bioenergy Medicine work on the following principles:

Throughout your life emotional and physical traumas as well as conflicts impair the connections in your body. These in turn cause blockages and cellular degeneration, which are the underlying cause of illness and performance restrictions.

Due to the use, abuse, misuse, disuse and lack of servicing that the body’s systems has to endure during a life-time, these blockages in the circuitry causes the body to work in an adaptive and less efficient way.

Similarly it has a limited ability to heal, repair and recover.

Depending on the technique used they can work on a deep circuitry level to release the blockages and the memory patterns, which in turn enhances cellular - regeneration, communication and homeostasis as well as enabling shifts to the mind.

The human body has the ability to self-repair, self-heal and enable you to recover and move beyond illnesses and ailments.

Similarly, you can enhance your ability to function and perform on all levels: - instinctual, physical, emotional, intellectual & spiritual.

Certain techniques provide general healing to the body as a whole, whereas others work on specific blockages on a scanning level, which increases the accuracy of the treatment.

This enables the work to be in the present and most importantly determines the pace and priority.


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Benefits of Bio Energy Healing Treatment

Most Bio Energy healing modalities use hands-on and/or hands-off techniques to scan the client's electrical circuitry system and connective pathways.  
Some modalities (see individual therapies) can pinpoint the primary blockage points that are the root cause of every physical and psychological i.e. illness, injury, issue, condition or symptom. 
Bioenergy Healing techniques can be dynamic in the way they can access and manipulate the body’s electrical circuitry system along with the physiological and psychological systems in such a way that it can (see individual therapies):

-Re-wire client's circuitry; 
-Press some master reset buttons; 
-Release memory patterns [physical and psychological]; 
-(Re-) activate the body's healing and repair mechanisms; 
-Enhance cellular regeneration; 
-Enhance Neuron Communication;
-Defragmentate the body's physiological and psychological systems;
-Enhance the body’s ability to function and repair: effectively, efficiently and preventatively

Most importantly without the client having to address on a cognitive level .... the why's, when's and how's!!!


What is Bio Energy effective for?

Bioenergy Healing is normally suitable for both adults and children and certain techniques can address all or a range of the following:

-Minor and major illnesses and diseases 
-Emotional and psychological ailments, issues, traumas & conflicts 
-Spinal & physical injuries and restrictions 
-Sports and repetitive injuries 
-Hypersensitivities and intolerances 
-Energy blockages, loss/lack of energy 
-Performance restrictions and limitations

When it comes to treatment, its not about treating illness. What's paramount is treating the client and how their symptom resonates in their body.

Some Bioenergy modalities use a textbook approach but others works on a scanning level (see individual therapies). Those that work on a scanning level can be precise and specific at pinpointing the root cause of an ailment, issue or condition. Working on this level means there are no limits as such.

Most clinics treat both adults and children. The range of ailments is wide and can include:

Emotional and psychological - illnesses, traumas and conflicts. This would include: anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), M.E., Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD), addictive disorders, panic attacks, low self-esteem, hyperactivity, ADHD, ADD, hypersensitivities and energy disorders.

Physical & Physiological  - injuries, disabilities, illnesses, diseases and degenerative conditions.

Hyper Sensitivities - Digestive Problems, Fatigue, Skin & Dermatological, Eye Vision, Tinnitus & Hearing Issues, Allergies, Energy, Electromagnetic & Environmental, Geomagnetic Fields

Performance Enhancement  & Personal Development

Information supplied by: Michael Cohen, founder of Bioenergy Healing Research Foundation & RaphaYad Bio Energy Healing

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