An A to Z Glossary of Terms Commonly Used in Herbal Medicine - P - S

An A to Z Glossary of Terms Commonly Used in Herbal Medicine

P - S


These herbs destroy parasites (see also germicide, antiparasitic).





Practitioners prescribe these herbs to induce and promote labour.


Examples are barley, pippali.




Affecting the area of the chest and lungs, relieving problems in these areas.




A preparation in the form of a cone or cylinder to be inserted into the vagina.




Herbs that are prepared in a special way and applied to the surface of the body as a remedy for certain disorders.




Irritating or sharp. Producing a sharp sensation of taste or smell.




These herbs are usually used to relieve severe constipation. Any substance that promotes the vigorous evacuation of the bowels.


Examples are aloe, epsom salts, licorice, rhubarb, safflower, senna.




These herbs are sleep promoting; they also allay excitement and produce relaxation.



Sialagogue: Promotes the flow of saliva.


Examples are arka, black pepper, chitrak, ginger, licorice.




Similar to sedatives - these herbs help to produce sleep.




Causing muscle to contract.




These herbs stimulate and increase the activity or efficiency of a system or organ. They act more rapidly than a tonic.


Examples are cayenne, camphor, ephedra, barberry extract, yellow thistle juice, sandalwood, gotu kola, guggul and myrrh.




Practitioners prescribe these herbs to give strength and tone to the stomach, stimulate digestion, and improve the appetite.


Examples are amalaki, bilwa, black pepper, cardamom, cedar, chitrak, cumin, ginger, licorice and turmeric.




The same as an astringent: Practitioners use these herbs to stop haemorrhage and excessive bleeding. They cause blood vessels to contract or coagulation of the albuminous tissues of the blood.


Examples are adrenaline and alum.



Sudorific: These herbs cause heavy perspiration.




A preparation in the form of a cone or cylinder to be inserted into the rectum.


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