Acupunture; Does it Work?

Acupunture; Does it Work?

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Over the last few months The CMA website has covered a number of articles which have looked at recent research on ACUPUNCTURE and various conditions it has been used on.


The most recent (as at March 2013) 10 articles looked at:


Acupuncture Improves Bell's Palsy?

Research has looked at the effectiveness of the use of ‘intense’ acupuncture on patients suffering from Bell’s Palsy

Acupuncture and Working Memory and Anxiety

Research has looked at the effect that acupuncture can have on reducing anxiety – and on improving ‘working memory’.

Acupuncture for Hot Flushes?

Research published in the journal, Medical Acupuncture, has concluded that combining Eastern and Western concepts of hot-flush pathogenesis can lead to safer, evidence-based interventions to improve quality of life for patients who are experiencing hot flushes.

Natural Therapies Benefit RA Sufferers Significantly

A study has shown that 23% of patients with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis used some form of Complementary and/ or Alternative Medical therapies to help them to manage their conditions.

Acupuncture and Chiropractic; Used By Older - Wealthier - People in Chronic Pain

A study by the University of Michigan, published in Pain Medicine, tracked how 5,750 adults suffering from chronic pain treated their condition.

Acupuncture Successfully to Replace Drugs in Caeserian Sections

They showed that acupuncture meant that - for 45% of the women - they did not need any extra oxytocin at all; and a further 30% needed just minimal amounts (10 - 20% of normal levels).

Acupuncture Helped US Military in Iraq and Afghanistan

This 'new' acupuncture is "based on neurophysiological concepts" - and is claimed to be a variation on standard acupuncture as it involves "inserting very tiny, semi-permanent needles into very specific acupoints in the ear

Acupuncture to Ease Breast Cancer ‘Fatigue’?

At the end of the 6 week test, women who had been treated with acupuncture had reduced their levels of ‘general fatigue’ by 4 points on a 20 point scale.

Acupuncture Stimulation of a Specific Points Increases Blood Flow to the Brain

Researchers found that blood flow velocities at rest, increased significantly after GV20 acupuncture treatment,

Acupuncture for Pain Relief After a Perineotomy in Childbirth

Researchers have found that women in the acupuncture group were significantly less likely to experience pain.

Breaking up sitting time

Breaking up sitting time

Sitting for prolonged periods can increase the risk of diabetes
and other health problems. While physical activity ...

Researchers Find Rise In Broken Heart Syndrome During COVID-19 Pandemic

Introducing Cuddle Therapy


Taking vitamin D and calcium twice a day may reduce your chances of getting vertigo again.

A team of researchers is the first to demonstrate that placebos reduce brain markers of emotional distress even when people know they are taking one.

Some people who feel dizzy or lightheaded when they stand up may have an increased risk of developing dementia years later, according to a new study.

Stinging nettle is a popular natural remedy with a wide range of uses. In this article we will examine more closely the uses of stinging nettle, its effectiveness, how to use it, and possible side effects.

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