31 Beacon Edge
CA11 7SG
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31 Beacon Edge
CA11 7SG
United Kingdom

Eden School of Transformational Energy Healing and Shamanism

Briony Stott, Energy healer, teacher and Shaman, is the founder of 

Eden School of Transformational Energy Healing + Shamanism. 

Briony runs her practice and school from a treatment suite in Penrith, Cumbria.

She came to this path from being a child able to see and feel other people’s, and the earths, energy fields.  It led her on a perplexing and continual search via yoga, homeopathy, Reiki, EFT and Quantum Touch, until she found Bio-energy, which brought her personally to an amazing level of health and well-being and became the inspiration to teach others. She furthered her studies of energy healing through a four year course in Shamanism.

Her knowledge, spirituality and easily accessible teaching style have led her students to amazing experiences. 

NEW Transformational Energy Healing course - starting on 17th/18th March 2018 - this is a 12 part course.  

Briony has developed this course as a result of how she now works with energy and a realisation that the hidden mystical truths of who we are, and how our bodies work, are thousands of years old and the powerful healer hidden within all of us is only accessible through our connection to earth and the cosmos. 

Transformational Energy  

Part 1

17/18th March 2018

Transformational Energy

Part 2

5/6th May 2018

Transformational Energy

Part 3

2nd/3rd June 2018

Transformational Energy

Part 4

7/8th July 2018

Transformational Energy

Part 5

4th/5th Aug 2018

Transformational Energy

Part 6

1st/2nd Sept 2018

Transformational Energy

Part 7

6th/7th Oct 2018

Transformational Energy

Part 8

3rd/4th Nov 2018

Transformational Energy

Part 9

1st/2nd Dec 2018

Transformational Energy

Part 10

26th/27th Jan 2019

Transformational Energy

Part 11

23/24th Feb 2019

Transformational Energy

Part 12

23rd/24th March 2019


Currently available.....

Energy Awareness Weekend - Oct 14th/15th, Nov 25/26th & Feb 17th/18th

This weekend is a new approach to energy awareness which will bring students into vibrational alignment with the changing earth and cosmic vibrations to help and promote the new evolution and awakening of mankind.        

 'As within so without.

         As above so below’

and will be suitable for 

  • previous Energy course graduates 
  • students who are new to Energy work
  • as an introduction to the new Transformational Energy Healing course
  • to anyone doing the Shamanic Courses who haven’t done any previous Energy work.
  • Shamanism Courses and 
  • Soul’s Journey - a personal development course.

 Our ethos is to provide a detailed, in-depth programme, resulting in dedicated, confident practitioners.

The Shamanism Practitioner Course is a modular course over 2 years and will bring the student to Shamanic Practitioner level, or, after completing the 2 Introductory courses the student can choose seperate modules for their own spiritual development.

Students study basic techniques of Shamanic Practice including Shamanic Healing, Soul Retrieval, Spirit Release, Shamanic Counselling, Ancestors and Past Lives, Land Spirits.

There is a Case Study at the end of the 2 years of modules, which will entail the student undertaking in-depth Shamanic healing work using the practices of Shamanic Counselling, Soul Retrieval and the other Shamanic Practices covered in the course, plus a reflection on their work and experiences during the course.   There will be a Certificate on completion of the modules and the Case Study saying that they are of Shamanic Practitioner standard.

Students comments on the Soul Retrieval course….

“A fantastic course - working with like-minded ‘souls’ to discover what an enormous, complex and fascinating subject the interplay between souls is. 

My favourite Shamanic course to date!”  S.

"The course was amazing, great journeys and great company!” C.

To find out more or to enrol on any of the above courses please visit our website. or follow us on Facebook

Eden School of Transformational Energy Healing + Shamanism

What people say


Shamanism Courses at Eden School

Introduction to Shamanism -
1 - Walking between the Worlds

FEEDBACK March/Nov 2016

So pleased I came.
Exhausted, but grateful for an amazing wonderful journey.

Opening the mind to what we are able to do.
Amazing and informative.

I found the course awakening , although I didn't see my journeys which is normal and ok. I look forward to the next course and the continuing journey.

New, strange, inspiring.

An insight to spirit guides.
A knowledge of now feeling supported.
Meeting my power animals.

First time I have been able to journey.
Messages were insightful.
Glad to have met my power animals and spirit guides.

I discovered that I’d spent so long on my lower chakras I’d neglected my upper ones.
But there has been a huge shift.
So now my creativity is flowing and lots of change is happening. 
Can’t wait for Brionys course to start too next year. I get so much out of my weekends with you guys. Even though it can be tough too.

2 - Talking to Spirits -
- MAY 2016

I love love loved the course last weekend, feels like I've got plenty of homework to do now. It was lovely to meet and be with like minded people. The teachings and guidance was amazing and I enjoyed our cups of tea and fresh baked cakes too.

Yet again a very interesting and enlightening weekend. Really enjoyed not only my own journeys but also listening to those from others. Can’t wait for the next course. Thank you to both Briony and Gill for their support and guidance throughout the weekend.

Fab! X A.

Yet again a great couple of days, really enjoyed the journeying, although incredibly tiring at times. Thanks to both Briony and Gill for their support and guidance throughout the weekend. Looking forward to the next weekend, see you then.

Jan 2017

Awww I really loved this weekend. Can’t really put it into words to be hones


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