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Tracy Ferriss

Do you feel you lack vitality?

Has your get up and go gone?

Do you suffer from recurring infections and illnesses?

Are you on your feet all day and worn out?

I offer Reflexology, Homeopathy and bLa Energy Healing at Richmond and Twickenham.

I have over fifteen years of experience working alongside therapists of varied disciplines.

Homeopathy can help you adopt a more healthful lifestyle and reconnect you with your own inherent vitality. During a Homeopathic consultation I look at  the clients lifestyle and we introduce an individual recovery programme. Many clients enjoy the reflective Homeopathic process and relish having the time to talk about their symptoms in a confidential and safe space. The Homeopathic remedy further enhances the consultative process and a follow up is highly recommended to see how the client is progressing.

Reflexology is a foot or hand massage that is relaxing and therapeutic. I use low allergen and cruelty free products and my Homeopathic remedies are obtained from a reputable pharmacy. I can offer a combined session of Homeopathy and Reflexology for a more in depth and comprehensive health treatment.

bLa Energy Healing is a non-invasive, gentle, meditative technique using tones sung aloud at each bLa point around the body. It is from Tradtional Tibetan Medicine which has its roots in Shamanism and is believed to be connected to the cycles of the moon.
bLA Energy Healing is ideal for those with low mood and low energy that need a calm and soothing approach. For more information see:


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I am enthusiastic for integrated healthcare and really enjoy seeing the wellbeing and relaxation that both Homeopathy, Reflexology and bLa Healing bring to the clients.



What people say


Tracy's approach is very calming and is sensitive to my troubles that I have had for many years. Her treatments give me a feeling of well-being and relaxation.
Angela Stride, West London


She offers an excellent and thorough consultation and ongoing support.
Glenda Cardy-O'Donoghue, Bournemouth


Just had the most amazing Reflexology session! I feel like I'm walking on clouds! Didn't realise how much I needed that!
Vicky Steane, Twickenham


I am very grateful for the help you provided. Prior to that I was getting up to 10 colds a year so I look back and can hardly believe the recovery that I have made.
I.Jeffrey-Lauder, Switzerland


I feel that Tracy showed a good understanding of my symptoms which gave me confidence in the advice that she gave.
Claire Iden, Staines


Tracy suggested I try some Reflexology to help me sleep. After the initial questions and answers, she began the treatment in her therapy room, which has a lovely view over the fruit trees and a field.
The treatment was gentle and deeply relaxing, yet there were times when I could feel sensations in various parts of my body as Tracy was working on my feet.
Well, I can tell you that I did sleep! All night! I was so chilled out for the rest of the day, that it was never really in any doubt.

I would thoroughly recommend a Reflexology treatment from Tracy and I have no doubt that I will be seeing her again for further treatments.
G.Townsend, South London


It was wonderful, I felt soooo relaxed and have been singing your praises since. My back has also been a lot looser and less stiff.
Defo coming back for more.
Liese Brandt, Teddington


Tracy made me feel comfortable and at ease, by the end, I could certainly feel the affected area more at ease and in the days following.
Vanessa Timms, Hampton Hill


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