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Mary Sweeney

Mary's Mindful Music Services


I run weekly mindful music therapy sessions in a The Mental Health Day Center in the town of Longford in Ireland, where I live.The people I work with, have many different conditions and disorders including depression and anxiety.I have been working through music with several people, for over twenty-five years.Music is a great way to get people to interact and can address a wide range of physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs. In the music therapy sessions, I include , singing, moving to, and listening to music. Through a musical involvement in a therapeutic context, clients' abilities are strengthened, and this can then be implemented to promote well-being in their daily lives. Music therapy also provides avenues for communication, that can be helpful to those who find it difficult to express themselves in words.I am the vice chairperson of The Longford Mental Health Association Ireland, and work to promote good mental health, advocate for people with mental health issues, and raise awareness of mental health.I am also involved in fundraising for mental health services.

I have been a professional singer, musician, and a published songwriter and recording artist, for over forty years.Songwriting and poetry are also a part of the sessions.Songwriting and poetry help the brain "regulate emotion" and reduces feelings of anxiety, fear, and is sometimes easier to write what we can not express in words.Just getting feelings down on paper can improve our mood.

I have studied mindfulness and mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapy, and many different approaches to positive mental health, which I integrate into the music classes. I have worked with people with learning difficulties and special needs, in groups in a day care setting in St Christophers Day Care Center Longford Ireland.

I am involved in music summer camps for children 7- 16, and teach children 6-12 in "The School of Rock" Longford Town Ireland, every Saturday. I think that the benefits of music are many, and are an easy way to express emotions,form friendships and work together to produce something unique and special.

I am delighted to have been accepted as a full member of the CMA and have great admiration for the work they do to promote complementary therapies that can literally change lives.If you are interested in availing of music therapy sessions, please cintact me on the phone numbers below.

Mary Sweeney 

Contact 00353433348318 or 00353863976175


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