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Lesley Ann Matthews


Hello :) 

My name is Lesley Ann

I’m a Practitioner in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which is a short practical approach to solving problems and a very valuable one too. I remember being inspired by a story … A wise Chinese man was fishing off the end of a pier. He was approached by a hungry woman who had not eaten anything for several days. Seeing the basket of fish that he had caught, the woman begged him to give her some fish to satisfy her hunger. The fisherman replied, ‘I am not going to give you any of my fish. But if you pick up that pole and sit down next to me for a while, I will teach you how to fish. That way you will not only eat today but you will learn how to feed yourself for the rest of your life’.

 At first the woman was disappointed not to be offered the easy option of fish from the basket. ‘This would quickly have satisfied my hunger,’ she thought. But she took the fisherman’s advice, learned to fish and never went hungry again (Greenberger & Padesky, 1995)

Great little story, and this is what Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is all about, a learning for life. I also can teach you about mindfulness, both mindfulness and CBT have positive outcomes on well-being. Both have proved to be valuable in areas of anxiety, stress and depression.  

My work is to bring to you Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which can help you identify the problems you are experiencing by breaking these problems down in a more manageable way, helping YOU to set manageable goals,  I will work by the side of a General Practitioner or a CMHT (community mental health team)

Anxiety: a lot of the time people intend to focus on the feelings of anxiety, by take some of the fear out of anxiety so we can experience what is going on, so we can find the core of that fear by being more aware of the situation, slow the situation, breaking it down, so that we together can manage those areas with better safety nets, allowing your mind to work out a new way of thinking.

Depression: Maybe we can work together to have a look and see what road you are taking, by recording events and knowing the early signs of low moods and what triggers these early mind sets so precautions can be put in place. Identifying what your needs are so you can have emergency contact details at hand if you need them.

Stress: A lot of things can cause stress, from having difficulty on finding a job, a person has just retired and feel isolated or stuck and out of touch with people. These feelings and others can be very painful, causing the person’s well-being to decline. 

Please contact me by email. Please do not put anything private on this email I have an encrypted email where we can chat in  private, because all information is private and confidential, kept within the ethics of the complimentary Medical association, SHTC (Society of Holistic Therapists and Coaches  and the National Occupational Standards for Psychological, mental health and Complimentary therapy.     Take care :) 


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