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Cara Tissandier

Since graduating with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering in 2003, I have worked as a Sustainability Consultant for a leading Building Services Consultancy. I provided guidance on design, construction & operational sustainability requirements that helped buildings perform better for people and for the environment.

During my time in Abu Dhabi (2010-2016), I started to develop a personal interest in health and well being and adopting a more healthful lifestyle. This led to a shift in my focus from sustainability of buildings to the sustainability of humans. I developed an understanding of how our food choices not only affected our health but also that of the animals involved (either directly or indirectly) and the environment.

Over the past few years, I have been developing a toolkit of skills that will help people rid themselves of modern day ailments by getting to the root cause rather than masking symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs. These ailments include headaches, tiredness, autoimmune issues, frequent colds/flus, hayfever, joint pain, back pain, lack of energy, anxiety/depression, hormonal issues, fertility issues, just to name a few! There is no reason why we shouldn't have a long happy life without the gradual deterioration of health blamed on the ageing process.

My nutritional therapy training came from the Nutritional Therapy Association Inc in the USA. The course was recommended by Nora Gedgaudas (author of primal body primal mind which is well worth a read!). It was the course most aligned with Ancestral Health and the findings of Weston A Price. I believe that looking back to how we ate and moved before our mortality rates started to decline (circa the time of the agricultural settlements 10,000 years ago) gives us an insight into how we can live  long happy lives disease free.

I stumbled onto Mark's Daily Apple in 2012 and it became one of my favourite online resources. The primal blueprint developed by Mark Sisson is a whole life approach to well being, it is well researched and has many many success stories (check out the website every Friday for a new story!). I completed the Primal Blueprint Certification in 2014 and use it to help me be a better Nutritional Therapy Consultant and Movement Coach.  The alignment of my methods with the Primal Blueprint and the Weston A Price Foundation gave me the idea of the name Primal (Peaks) Nutritional Therapy.


I believe we are all entitiled to good health and happiness without the need for pharmaceuticals, hours in the gym and calorie counting everythiing that we eat. That is not living! I believe in a holistic approach to well being and in that regard do not believe there is a one size fits all solution, we are all unique. There are many causes of poor health including what we eat & drink, how we move, stress (and our own ability to manage with it), social connectivity, our environment (both indoors and out) and sleep… I want to help you find your own path to health, happiness and well being.


What people say


I asked Cara for advice after being diagnosed with mild athletic heart following years of endurance training. After analyzing a food diary I had kept and a detailed questionnaire I had completed we met for a consultation following which Cara presented her recommendations. I was surprised to learn that what I had considered to be a healthy diet could have actually contributed to my condition.

I followed Cara's advice and soon noticed a real difference. I was sleeping better, was able to control my appetite between meals better and generally had higher energy levels throughout the day. I was also enjoying what I was eating more and feeling more satisfied by it. I had also become leaner despite never going hungry.

6 months later repeat medical tests showed that my athletic heart had improved from mild to slight. Since then I have continued to follow the principles of Cara's advice, have competed in numerous multi-sport events and feel better than ever.

I highly recommend Cara's personal approach with its emphasis on natural food sources and minimal supplementation.
Patrick Jackson


I initially contacted Cara as I knew that my diet contained too much sugar, but I had not realised quite how bad my eating habits were. I am sure Cara had no idea of the challenge she was taking on either until I completed the health questionnaire and food diary during the first stage of my consultation. Having confessed what I was actually eating and provided my full medical history, Cara carried out a thorough review of all the information I had provided her with. During an in-depth telephone conversation she explained to me how my food choices were actually exacerbating the medical conditions that I have and increasing my stress and anxiety levels. I was shocked to learn that many of the foods I was eating and considered to be 'healthy' were in fact not what I should be eating. She provided me with lots of information about the type of foods I needed to eat, recipes, further reading about inflammatory conditions and how diet can help, together with suggestions of where I could purchase the food items I needed.

Initially it was all very overwhelming as had to completely change my diet and eat many foods that I had not eaten for years (or at all!). However, Cara provided constant support and encouragement. She did not judge me for the bad decisions I had made in the past and, although I felt a failure for not managing to make every single change to my diet in the first week, during my second consultation with Cara at the end of that week she praised me for what I had achieved. Within just two weeks, I was amazed at how much better I was feeling. There were also visible results as the skin on my hands had transformed from looking like that of someone twice my age.

Cara's professional yet friendly approach, together with her expert knowledge and advice have benefited me more than I ever imagined possible when I initially contacted her. I would not hesitate in recommending Cara and am immensely grateful for the help she has given me.


Where to begin!
My starting point was regular chronic stomach issues, general tiredness and gross muscle fatigue. No home remedies were improving the issues and in fact I was making myself worse! Heard a lot about Ms. Cara Nutritional Therapies and introduced myself. We started with a consultation, then a survey, a food diary and then change. Each step was and still is very well and methodically thought through. At that time, I was exercising at a high level, about 20-25 hours a week. Food was consumed at a high rate and it was difficult to track what the exact problem was with all the various external factors. Ms. Cara identified a number of patterns that needed to be resolved. For a number of months, we stopped all dairy, sugar, processed carbs and complimented my diet with nutritional supplements such as healthy fats including fish oil and probiotics. Ms. Cara’s aim was to try to help repair my stomach. After some time, we started to add certain foods back into my diet, then check if my issues would return or if I could return to eating those foods. We also introduced supplements at independent times. All measurable results. The process continued until we had the perfect balance. I have not had any stomach issues since following the advice and instructions of Ms. Cara. She walked me through every element and made sure I was staying on track at all times. Ms. Cara identified that my stomach was not processing foods the way it had evolved to, so she broke it down and rebuilt a strong resilient stomach.
To think at first, I was a sceptic!

Noel Hayden


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