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The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA)

Bianca Madison-Vuleta

Bianca Madison-Vuleta practices a variety of leading edge complementary medical disciplines, including Nutrition, Counselling, Psycho-neuroimmunology, naturopathy, Live Blood Analysis and NLP.

She has qualified with a number of world renowned experts in key fields of health and human performance and has acquired a superb skill-set in this discipline.

Bianca's expertise has been offically recognised as 'one of the top CMA praciticioners' and was short-listed as "The Health Coach of The Year" (APCTC).

Bianca is one of the leading proponents of Life Optimizaion System-TM which streamlines your life for optimum health, peak performance and stress busting!


What people say


"Bianca, your health programme has really worked for me. I switched to your mind- body programme 3 weeks ago and already lost a lot of weight and my awful headaches are gone!
Your delicious recipes, wonderful insight, hypnotherapy, loving encouragement and emotional support have really helped to make this transition to my healthy lifestyle so much easier.
You have been such a helpful and motivating influence on me. Thank you!"
Sebastian, Putney

"Thank you Bianca for all your kind and loving support in the last few months. After my bereavement I was incredibly depressed, sluggish, overweight, confused and unmotivated. Thanks to your amazing body and mind makeover, I feel years younger, energised, slimmer and positive again about my future. You gave me my youth back!
I am ready to embrace life again. Your therapy works wonders.
Highly recommended."
Sue, Geneva

"Having suffered with several infections, endless courses of antibiotics and awful mood swings, I was thoroughly depressed and fed up before I found Bianca. She has been a revelation. Her understanding of natural health is vast and her compassion and sheer motivational force are incredible.
My results speak for themselves. I look and feel years younger!"
T.L, San Diego

"This holistic approach of yours makes sense and it really works! I feel like a new person after only 2 months on your programme. It seems as though the time has been reversed. The best gift I have ever given myself. Thank you very much Bianca. Truly inspirational!"
Caroline, Belsize Park

"My compliments and gratitude to you Bianca. Your warmth, professionalism and the significant improvements I have experienced all over my body and my depression lifting in a short space of time have really astonished me. Life is good again. Thank you."

Natalie, Milan


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