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Adeel Munshi

Liv Well Holistics aim is to promote a natural healing therapy in Complementary and Alternative Medicine - treating the whole person Body Mind & Spirit. This ancient form of healing therapy can be beneficial for a number of medical ailments both psychological & physiological if treated with a holistic and positive approach. Our aim is to provide a variety of treatments, to promote self help. health and help people to LivWell. 

Complementary Therapy Treatments Available

* Cupping
* Holistic Body Massage
* Deep Tissue Massage
* Qi Bowen Therapy
* Easyslim (loose up to 10% in just 6 weeks)

*IQS (I Quit Smoking) Quit smoking in just two sessions


Coming soon:

As our therapist is currently doing a BSC in Accupuncture, we will soon be able to offer this along with Moxa and Ear Seeds.

For further information please visit our website or find us on facebook, twitter or instagram under LivWell Holistics




What people say


With a wealth of experience, knowledge and intuition at his fingertips, Adeel's thoughtful diagnoses have been spot on. I cannot speak highly enough of his ability to home in on a condition and sort it out.
Dr F Vindhani


My first time to cupping after reading up on its benefits I took the plunge and had s session with Adeel. I have felt the benefits after one session. I have suffered with shoulder pain and for the first time in months it has gone and I feel refreshed as I have also been able to sleep better my treatment. I would highly recommend cupping with Adeel he is very professional and knows his stuff. Thanks again Adeel I will definitely be back
Nimisha Mua Dsr


my husband has cupping done for really bad migraines he suffers, and can seriously say i have seen such a difference cupping has really helped him and im so glad i suggested cupping ...liv well has changed my husband health for better pleased with the service ...definitely recommend to everyone who might be in pain
Sushma Rajput


Best cupping joint in town give yourself a treat and definatly theres alot of health benefits and you notice them straight away - thanks to Adeel very professional service - keep up the Good work Adeel
Ibz Ali


After a particularly stressful period I began having various symptoms such as dead arm, dizzy spells and anxiety. Even the smallest problem seemed magnified and my confidence was at an all time low. After a while I collpased and ended having an MRI scan. The doctor wanted to put me on anti-depressants which I was opposed to. A friend referred me to Adeel and the changes have been amazing. Adeel is very attentive, approachable and extremely supportive but also proactive in the treatments he does. Each session is very holistic and the treatments I have received suited different symptoms. I feel much more positive and have even got a new job and my ability to deal with life's tribulations has imprved ten-fold


Excellent treatment and an extremely professional therapist. I felt really energised after my treatment and definitely recommend Adeel. Thank you so much and I will be back for another session soon!
Hafsa Mitha


Was really impressed by the cupping treatments and all its benefits. The service is brilliant and the practitioner is very informative. You can start feel a difference just after one treatment.
Fatimah Riaz


I had cupping done las Monday and feel so much better. I was suffering with back ache and headaches and now I've got so much more energy!LivWell was very professional. Would 100% recommend.
Alex Jordan


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