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CMA Approved Suppliers

The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA) has awarded "CMA Approved Supplier” status to a select number of suppliers and companies in the Complementary Medical and Natural HealthCare fields – companies that produce exceptional products and services.

While The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA) does not endorse products, we do believe that it is helpful for us to help consumers and practitioners to find their way through the maze of products available by carefully examining a supplier's products AND their company. In order for a company to be accepted by The CMA as a CMA Approved Supplier, the company needs to demonstrate a genuine commitment to ethical trading, safety, sustainability, excellence of products and services.  In addition, the company will need to demonstrate that they have a genuine desire to contribute towards the development and growth of the complementary medical and natural health sector.  

The Elite

Only the very best companies are selected to become CMA Approved Suppliers - and this designation is something that a company can be truly proud of - it is a great achievement!


Note: All claims and statements about the efficacy of supplements and products are the sole responsibility of the supplier concerned and are not endorsed or approved by The Complementary Medical Association.  If you would like clarification of a claim of efficacy please contact the supplier directly.

CMA Approved Suppliers

Bamber Watson Associates Ltd. (Coconoil)


Coconoil was founded in 2005 as a direct result of the Asian Tsunami. Coconoil Virgin Coconut Oil is picked pressed and packed at source in Sri Lanka and is considered to be an extremely healthy dietary oil. Virgin Coconut Oil has many health benefits and can also be used topically.


Bionetics is a well-established company that is the UK’s leading provider of non-invasive Body Field Analysis Testing. They are proud to have helped many thousands of people improve their health by identifying and helping to eliminate many of the basic underlying imbalances which have caused the problem.

Click by Blue Zinc

Click is a fantastic, easy to use client management system designed specifically for therapists and counsellors and mental health practitioners. Click takes the pain away from managing a diary, storing client records, managing finances and CPD, as well as letters and reporting.

By saving time and making life easier for therapists, Click manages the business and lets the therapist get on with treating. Accessible on any device, Click is an indispensable aid for any therapist. offers the unique prioneering product Laminine, the first stem cell rejuvination product of its kind.

Our company also offers a 6months consultation service to all clients while they start thier journey with Laminine. This is unique to

Energy For Health

Our objective is to offer innovative and inexpensive products for maintaining good health in the home. 

Enjoying strong links with the healthcare sectors in both the West and the Far East, we aim to help you access some high-quality approaches to maintaining your own health and that of your family - wherever they originate.

Geovital Academy UK

Radiation Free Living

Documented Building Assessments, Professional practicle advise to reduce the radiation in your environment, Verified product solutions offered.

Protection from Electronic Pollution (EMF) and Geopathic Stress (natural Radiation)

Training for Geobiologist and consultation services.

Alternative medicine partner package availible.

Established in Austria 1982, Global Authority.

Green People

A pioneering brand established in 1997, Green People is the leader in certified organic body care products. With an extensive range of natural products – shampoos, face creams, sun lotions and body washes to name just a few – it is one of the biggest names in organic beauty in the UK.

Ibiza Angels

Ibiza Angels are Europe's largest and most established on-site massage company. Renowned for delivering outstanding 10 minute head, neck & shoulder over-the-clothes seated massages, designed specifically to de-stress and energise.

The originators of this concept of massage over 10 years ago, Ibiza Angels is a trusted, reputable and established organisation spanning the UK and Ibiza.

In addition to Ibiza Angels being a key fixture at stunning venues and special events, luxury casinos, record industry initiatives and exhibitions, Ibiza Angels also work closely with major international brands, media agencies and events companies to leverage the feel-good power of touch as part of brand engagement initiatives in the UK and throughout Europe.

Ibiza Angels is now the largest ‘on-site’ massage company in Europe, operating 365 days a year throughout the UK, and also in Ibiza every summer season.

Naturhelix is a manufacturer of ear candles, body candles and chakra candles.

We are successfuly producing and distributing our fully handmade candles over a decade now. Our candles contains mostly natural ingredients and have a wide range of different types to serve our customer`s needs.

Our organic range, the Naturhelix Organic Candles ( Organic Ear Candles and Organic Body Candles) are 100% Bio and made from organic certified ingredients only. The Naturhelix Organic Candles made from organic beeswax, organic unbleached cotton and organic essential oils.

Some benefits of the Naturhelix products:

• Fully handmade, colourful products with great design              

• Natural ingredients and natural essential oils used

• Triple protection system during candling therapy                     

• Reinforced packaging                                                                

• No minimum order

Spring Promotion For Therapists

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NES Health Limited

Leading the way in alternative healthcare, NES Health created the world's first practical clinical system for 'reading' the body field and then correcting it - NES ProVision and a range of NES Infoceuticals. Since then, we have continued to innovate new healthcare solutions and technologies, including the innovative hand-held (PEMF) miHealth device – which activates the body’s self-healing abilities and comes with a class 2A medical certification for pain relief.

Springfield Nutraceuticals BV

Springfield is a Dutch company specialising in the sales and marketing of nutraceuticals (food supplements with science based, proven effects).
Springfield has regularly launched food supplements with unique properties and added value since 1998. We closely follow the latest developments in the world of nutrients and science.

Our motto is:


Many of the supplements carried by Springfield are based on scientific studies. Currently, there are at least ten studies in progress for supplements in our product range. This provides our main target groups –physicians and therapists – with assurance about the effects of the supplements and their performance in actual practice.

Taymount Ltd.

The Taymount Clinic is a specialist centre for the production of tested, high quality and certified gut bacteria and effective FMT treatment.

TimeWaver Home GmbH

TimeWaver - Your connection to the information field

Experience the world behind the material surface; recognize connections between body and mind; and use the immaterial, invisible potential of consciousness - with TimeWaver.

TimeWaver is based on this quantum physical interface into the information field; where you can find various levels of material processes as information. 

We want to help all important aspects of your life regain a natural balance. By understanding essential correlations in your life, you can advance to holisitic success in all personal areas.

• Medicine & Veterinary
• Psychology & Coaching
• Management & Business
• Architecture & Environment
• Agriculture & Plants
• Sport & Wellness

We offer free live online presentations where we can show you the great variety of possibilities with TimeWaver. And we can configure a personal TimeWaver system directly for your needs and applications.

Xhilarate Office Massage Ltd

Xhilarate Office Massage is a leading provider of on-site wellbeing chair massage in London.  A number of our clients have been successfully recognised by The Sunday Times Best 100 Companies to Work For, including Goodman Masson, Eximius, Arrows Group, MVF Global, Softcat and Unruly Media.  

Working through clothes and without oil, the Xhilarate team use a highly skilled blend of Japanese, Shiatsu, Thai and Indian Head massage techniques to help alleviate stress, relieve tension and leave you feeling instantly calm, focused and refreshed.  Treatments can be tailored to the individual to include head, neck, shoulders, back, hands and arms.

Onsite chair massage helps to reduce levels of stress in the workplace, resulting in increased efficiency, less sick leave, lower staff turnover and more productive use of working hours.  By establishing regular office massage sessions, our aim is to achieve sustained benefits for both employees as individuals and organisations as a whole.

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