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                           Yoga Alliance®-International 

Worldwide Registry of Yoga Teachers and Yoga Schools 

Established in October 201 in Australia by a group of world renowned yogis from the UK, the US, Italy, India and Australia direct scholars and friends of Shri K. Pattabhi Jois, Derek Ireland and Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar, Yoga Alliance (Australia/International/Singapore/NZ/Italy) is a great platform bringing together yoga teachers, Schools and Studios from a variety of lineages and traditions seeking to uplift and advance the practice of yoga

Yoga Alliance Academy® of Yogic Studies, Scholarships, Teacher Training Courses

In association with, Yoga Alliance® (Australia), the Yoga Alliance Academy® is a provider of Yoga Teacher Training Programs and Continuing Education Distance Courses Internationally accredited. 






What people say


Being a member of Yoga Alliance Australia means a lot to me! The benefits of being a member are many. It is a great platform to share the passion for Yoga!

Melissa Black


I have thought of Yoga Alliance several times since I last spoke to Chris this week.It is a positive feeling to have such a prompt, professional and helpful team-leading Yoga Alliance Australia. Our sincere thanks and best wishes for your valued support and assistance whenever we have contacted you.

Peter and Patricia Edwards.


Australia needed an International Yoga Organisation that offer 200-hour designation. Thank you all at Yoga Alliance Australia for helping me and accepting me as a member.
Samuel Black


Thank you again for your professionalism and promptness in the processing of my application. It truly was appreciated by all at my end. Thanks again.
Derek Trent


Many thanks for processing my registration so quickly! All attachments arrived so now I have just to sort out my insurance and hopefully, I'll be ready to start classes next week.Thank you again for your assistance, you were most helpful and made the whole process less confusing.
Jenny Ross


I was impressed with the efficiency of the Yoga Alliance Australia support team! The registration process was easy! Being represented by an Internationally well-known Organisation is great!
Claire Ross


Yoga Alliance Australia bring yoga and all it encompasses to a multitude of individuals from many yoga styles and traditions! With great admiration and appreciation.



I had the pleasure in being accepted and taking part in the Yoga Alliance Academy® 250hour Gheranda Samhita Teacher Training.

It was a challenging yet transformational experience. Not only did I develop confidence in my abilities but the course is designed in such a way that when you finish, you leave with the belief you can teach and help others through the practice of Yoga.

I was truly immersed into the world of Yoga. I was able to develop my asana practice and was introduced to the history and philosophy of Yoga. Additionally the course is well thought-out to provide students with the necessary building-blocks to become a well-equipped Yoga teacher. Students are taught how to guide and teach a class, from learning how to structure a class to using physical and verbal alignment queues.

Each day was structured and tailored for students where they can challenge and build their skills whilst being a nurturing process.
It was a privilege to be taught by great teachers , and I am looking forward in taking part in future courses with the Yoga Alliance Academy®.

If you want to become a powerful Yoga teacher and learn how to properly teach, I would recommend Gheranda Samhita Yoga Teacher Training.
Tanya Bulatovic


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