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Dr Itai Ivtzan - Bio

Dr Itai Ivtzan is a chartered psychologist and holds a position as a Full-Time Positive Psychology Senior Lecturer in UEL (University East London) as part of the MAPP (Masters in Applied Positive Psychology) programme. In addition, he is the Programme Leader for the MAPP distance learning programme. Itai is also an Honorary Senior Research Associate in UCL. He published numerous journal papers and his main areas of research are spirituality, mindfulness, meaning, and self-actualisation.

For the last 10 years Itai has run seminars, lectures, workshops and retreats, in the UK and around the world, in various educational institutions and at private events while focusing on a variety of psychological and spiritual topics such as: Psychological & Spiritual Growth, Consciousness, Meditation, and Positive Psychology.

Itai is also a qualified therapist. As part of his therapeutic work, Itai created the AMT (Awareness-Meaning-Therapy) where clients remove unconscious blocks, allowing them to reach their primary human motive - the will to meaning.

Itai's work is based upon the idea that Awareness Is Freedom. His vision is that teaching and therapy should provide deeper awareness and thereby inspire and motivate his students and clients to achieve their full potential. His work is transformational and is made to create real changes in one’s life.

Dr Itai Ivtzan is offering Meditation Teacher Trainings. For more details:


What people say


“I enrolled to do a 10 week 'introduction to psychology’ course and ended up being totally hooked on the subject and the lecturer! It has been truly inspiring to see someone 'be’ as they 'speak’. Someone who so obviously lives what he is teaching. There is a passion, enthusiasm, knowledge and openness which engaged every member of the group and had most asking how they could continue to study with him. I myself have booked a place on his new Psychology and Spirituality course starting in September and can’t wait. I have no doubt that if you come on this course with an open mind and heart then it will do for you exactly 'what it says on the tin’.”

Sarah Jane Barnes, Psychology & Spirituality course student

“Complex topics explained in a simple way. A clear feeling of enjoinment and passion from the teacher created an environment I feel was conducive to learning”

Kathy Lang, Positive Psychology course student

“Thank you for the amazing awareness therapy sessions. Our work together taught me a lot of things about myself and helped me finding my happiness. It has also helped me in finding ways to cope with stressful situations”

Diane Melbrooks, Awareness therapy client

"This was my first retreat, and I wasn’t sure what to expect – happily it was a brilliant surprise. Thought provoking and yet soothing of mind, relaxing yet energising, great fun with some deeply moving realisations. Seda’s yoga instruction encouraged me to try postures I’d never dreamt I could do, let alone enjoy; Itai’s guidance on meditation practices proved there is a technique for everyone, and that I can – with perseverance - grapple with my wandering mind and experience the bliss of ‘being’’; and Berrin and Stephen’s inspirational sessions helped me explore and challenge assumptions about my limitations, to consider life changing possibilities. The warmth and generosity of our group was at times overwhelming - this was an experience I will never forget."

Sophie, Medita
Students and Clients


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