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Reiki Jane

Reiki Jane offers Reiki training courses on a one to one or small group basis in Wiltshire and surrounding Counties.  There is also an option of blended learning. Jane is a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher and has been practising Reiki and other complementary healing therapies since 1999.  Here is the Reiki Jane website:

CMA Registered courses include:

  • Usui Reiki First Degree
  • Usui Reiki Second Degree
  • Equine Reiki First Degree
  • Equine Reiki Second Degree

What people say


Wonderful introduction to Equine Reiki with Jane. I now have the ability to connect to my horse on a completely different level. She has calmed down to such an extent that I am now working with her and we are both enjoying the experience so much more. Thank you Jane - I will be back to do the Equine Reiki Second Degree soon.
Laura, Hampshire


I would recommend learning Reiki to anyone who is in need of positive thinking and wanting to help others. It can and will bring a deep sense of satisfaction and achievement to anyone who takes the time to invest in themselves and learn.
Anne, Wiltshire


‘I thoroughly enjoyed my Reiki I and Reiki II training with Jane – she is very professional and inspirational.’
Jan, Wiltshire


Learning Reiki First Degree has been a truly amazing experience with Jane. The course was very enlightening, fun to do and the supporting training materials were great. Jane also offers ongoing support after the training so you can go back and clarify things or ask questions as they arise following the course. I would recommend Reiki Jane to anyone who wants a truly insightful and professional learning experience. Thank you!
Helen, Gloucesteshire


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