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Juice Guru Certification Program

We are proud to be the pioneer (and only) United States based certification program focused solely on the art of healing with fresh juice. We have assembled an unparalleled faculty of the leading minds, doctors and nutritionists in juicing to provide our students with an exceptional education. 

Our well-rounded curriculum provides students with everything you need to start, market and grow your business, including the cutting-edge science and protocols of juicing, and the business, presentation and communication skills you need to set our students apart.

Current courses include the Juice Guru Certification Program with advanced courses being added throughout 2016/ 2017.
Graduates of our school are creatively reaching people around the world with the knowledge and motivation to make juicing a part of their daily lives. They have gone on to establish successful coaching practices, enhance their existing practices and open juice bars and retreats.

What people say


"This Juice Certification Program provided us a multitude of essential tools to build a successful juicing business.

The materials provided are easy to digest and the program has been transformative. I am now building a practice to help children succeed in academics and sports. Highly recommended."

- Rob Polon


Taking the Juice Guru Certification Program gave me deep insight and knowledge on the benefits of juice therapy. I am very pleased and thankful for this program.

- Musette Rosenstand


"This program gave me the skills to become a successful juicing coach and increase business by offering another healthy product for my customers! I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a great business opportunity that gives back by healing.

- Babette Davis


I feel privileged to have taking this course which was not only filled with incredible knowledge, but a supportive staff who were generous with helping us succeed.

- Claudia Reyes


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