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Holistic Ways

I am a holistic therapist and specialist trainer with 20 years of experience.

I am also an undergraduate psychology student nearing the end of my first year of studies.

I believe life is a continual learning journey for everyone.  I enjoy learning and seeing others grow.

I aim to offer a friendly, relaxed learning experience to all students whilst passing-on the benefit of my years of experience and training.  

I offer:

Reiki - all levels (Western and Original Japanese) (certified courses) CMA Approved L1.
Reiki 1 (Shoden), Reiki 2 (Okuden) and Reiki 3 (Shinpiden) available.  I aim to train students in a way that honours what I hope would be close to the best of the original approach to Reiki as we understand it today and some of the highest National Occupational standards for conventional Western approaches - therefore establishing a fully rounded approach.  One that is both robust, instinctive and intuitive from the start.

Crystal Reiki  - all levels.  Please get in touch with me for further details.  This is NOT conventional Reiki with crystals added, but a full - stand-alone system of Reiki by itself.

Reiki Drum - coming soon.

Massage - Oriental Hand massage, (currently offered as non cert)

Chinese Tea Appreciation  (non cert)

Qigong and Tai Chi I am an 'inside the door' student of Master Dan Docherty, and train with Master Faye Yip. (currently offered non cert)

I have been teaching for Northamptonshire County Council since September 2013 in massage and complementary therapies as well as tai chi. 



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