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The Survivor's Guide to Swine Flu: The Complementary Medical Approach

Chapter List and Contents

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General Introduction

Foreword by Dave Hawkins: Swine Flu raises a number of crucial issues for Complementary Medicine

CMA Members Survey: CMA Registered practitioners were surveyed (June 2009) on their approaches to - and opinions of how to treat Swine Flu.

Chapter 1: Introduction - Why should you consider a complementary medical approach to the prevention and treatment of Swine Flu?

Chapter 2: The History of Pandemics and Epidemics - From the first records to date - what can we learn from history?

Chapter 3: How Serious a Threat is Swine Flu? Where did it come from, what is its global spread and why is this strain so worrying?

Chapter 4: Potential Economic, Political and Social Effects - should this current H1N1 Swine Flu virus mutate to cause a seriously lethal pandemic.

Chapter 5: Swine Flu Time Line: To Date - How did this current pandemic start and a close look at its global spread and development.

Chapter 6: What is a Virus? - How do viruses spread?  How does your body fight back? How does a virus get into your system? The pantropism of H1N1 Swine Flu - why this is of concern.

Chapter 7: What is Influenza? How does it affect your body? Viral pneumonia and secondary infections.

Chapter 8: Your Immune System & The Cytokine Storm - Why do some people die of flu?  How does your immune system work?  what is a cytokine storm and what can be done to prevent this phenomenon?

Chapter 9: Can We Treat Swine Flu with Conventional Medical Approaches? - An examination of the efficacy and safety of current Conventional Medical options - including Tamiflu, Relenza and vaccines.

Chapter 10: What is Complementary Medicine? What are the general principles of Complementary Medicine?  How safe is it? Is there any research?


Chapter 11: Preparedness: Your Survival Unit - Who will be in your “Survival Unit” and what to consider in a survival situation.

Chapter 12: Preparedness: The Psychology of Survival - How to prepare yourself psychologically to maintain optimum chances of survival.

Chapter 13: Preparedness: Shelter - How to ensure that you have adequately prepared shelter.

Chapter 14: Preparedness: Water Supplies - How to find and maintain clean water supplies.  How much water do you need to stockpile?

Chapter 15: Preparedness: Hydration & the Dangers of Dehydration - How to hydrate yourself correctly.  Oral Rehydration Solution and how to make it.  What to do to combat dehydration.

Chapter 16: Preparedness: Cleanliness and Sanitation - Correct handwashing procedures. The health ramifications of cleanliness.  How to build a field toilet.

Chapter 17: Preparedness: Food Storage and Stockpiling - How to ensure that you have enough of the correct types of food and supplies.

Chapter 18: Preparedness: Exercise - How much is enough? How much compromises your immune system’s response?

Complementary Medical Approaches to the Prevention
and Treatment of Swine Flu

Chapter 19: Essential Oils - How to use essential oils to ‘virus proof’ your environment.  Which oils are anti-viral and anti-bacterial.

Chapter 20: Herbs - Which herbs can modulate your immune system so that you are less predisposed to an overwhelming inflammatory response? Which herbs have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties?

Chapter 21: Nutrition & Supplements - The Palæo-Mediterranean diet and how this modulates your immune system to be less predisposed to an acute overwhelming inflammatory response - as in a cytokine storm. Foods and supplements that will help you to be optimally healthy and less predisposed to chronic disease - including arthritis, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, some cancers, stroke, Alzheimers disease, etc.  How to harness the anti-ageing, energy boosting and mood enhancing effects of a correct nutritional approach.

Chapter 22: Homeopathy - The history of homeopathy. what homeopathy is and how it has performed thoughout history in epidemics and pandemics.

Chapter 23: Homeopathic Treatment of Swine Flu - The homeopathic Medicines that the author have identified as being useful for Swine Flu.

Chapter 24: Other Complementary Medical Approaches - A look at some other approaches that could prove useful in preventing and treating Swine Flu.

Chapter 25: Recommendations - A concise round up of all the recommendations in this book.

Appendix: The Six Phases of a Pandemic - The World Health Organisation’s definitions.

Emergency Contact Forms - Two forms that you can use in case of emergency

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