Swine Flu (Jan-March) 2013?

Swine Flu 2013?

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149 Deaths in Gujarat (Jan – March 2013)

India is experiencing a Swine Flu outbreak – with one of its states – Gujurat – the hardest hit.

The state had 808 swine flu cases and 149 deaths due to the disease up to March 23, 2013.

This is an 18% mortality rate – but in Delhi, which recorded the highest number of swine flu cases at 1454, the rate is only 1.1% (16 deaths).


Sweden Confirms Narcolepsy Link to Swine Flu Vaccine

A Swedish study again confirmed that the Swine Flu vaccine – Pandemrix has a direct link to causing narcolepsy, especially among the younger people who were vaccinated.

Lead researcher, Ingemar Person explained:

"We can see that over the whole study period we have 126 cases of those vaccinated getting narcolepsy. There were 20 cases among those not vaccinated. We're talking about a threefold increase in risk."



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