Sexual Health Issues?

Sexual Health Issues?

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Over the last few months The CMA website has covered a number of topics which have looked at natural therapies used by CAM practitioners, to help people in a number of areas. One area we cover is that of Sexual Health.

Some of the Sexual Health areas of interest include:

Valentine’s Day Cocktail Healthy? Love, Chocolate, Wine?

A top cardiologist from Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute has said that a Valentine’s Day gift of a box of dark chocolates, a bottle of red wine and some loving – could be good for the health of your loved one’s heart.

Can Mugwort Treat Herpes?

A study published in Phytotherapy Research looks at the role Tansy – “Golden Buttons”, or “Mugwort” – can play in treating herpes.

The Way You Relate To Your Partner Can Affect Your Long-Term Mental and Physical Health

The study found that all participants across the sample as a whole experienced sleep disruption after conflict, bearing out the adage “don’t go to bed angry”.

Sexual Satisfaction Part of Successful Ageing

Successful ageing and a positive quality of life are linked to sexual satisfaction.

Marital Changes Associated with Weight Gain

For those over the age of 30, entering into or leaving a marriage can cause large weight gains.

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