Obesity Runs from Generation to Generation in Those with Diets High in Omega 6 - and Low in Omega 3's

Obesity Runs from Generation to Generation in Those with Diets High in Omega 6 - and Low in Omega 3's

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A study from Nice University published in the Journal of Lipid Research shows that 'obesity' is increased as it is passed from one generation to the next - in those populations with a diet rich in fat and with high levels of Omega 6's (linoleic acids) and low levels of Omega 3's (alpha-linoleic acids). What many people call "the Western Diet."

The researchers exposed mice to a "Western-like" diet - and then bred them randomly and continued on the same diet for successive generations.

Over several generations their offspring showed an enhancement in fat mass.

The researchers say that.....

"under conditions of genome stability and with no change in the regimen over four generations, we show that a Western-like, fat diet induces a gradual fat-mass enhancement, in accordance with the increasing prevalence of obesity observed in humans".




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