Kissing, Despite Inherent Risks, To Continue?

Kissing, Despite Inherent Risks, To Continue?

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The Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Medicine , Joseph S. Alpert, has taken on the task of reviewing the medical research on Philematology: The Science of Kissing.

He comes up with a number of fascinating facts on this science – including:

Simple kisses burn only 2 to 3 calories, whereas passionate kissing can consume between 5 and 26 calories per minute.
During kissing, you exchange an average of 9 ml of water,
During kissing, you exchange an average of 0.7 mg of protein,
During kissing, you exchange an average of 0.71 mg of different fats,
During kissing, you exchange an average of and as many as 10 million to 1 billion bacteria (representing up to 278 different species)
Saliva production is increased during active kissing, which may help to prevent tooth decay.

He explained that several of the websites he researched, reported that men who kissed their wives every morning live 5 years longer and make more money than men who fail to do this common morning ritual.

His conclusion to all this scientific study leads him to believe that, despite the risks, kissing will continue to be performed by humans.



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