"I am taking thyroxine for an under-active thyroid. Can you suggest any complementary solutions to my problem?"


"I am taking thyroxine for an under-active thyroid. Can you suggest any complementary solutions to my problem?"

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I can't provide you with a solution but I can make some suggestions. Because the thyroid controls everything from energy levels to metabolism it is crucial that you assist your thyroid in functioning at its optimal level.

You should ensure that you have a diet rich in iodine, so I would suggest you eat lots of sea vegetables, especially dulse and kelp - I have noticed that some of the larger supermarkets as well as health food stores now stock fresh seaweed in their refrigerated foods section.

Don't go over the top and eat tons of seaweed, as an excess of these foods will also have the opposite effect.

Which foods to avoid eating?

There are certain foods that block the use of iodine in the body, these foods are called "goitrogens" and include :

•             Cauliflower

•             Broccoli

•             Brussel sprouts

•             Cabbage

•             Sauerkraut

•             Turnips

•             Soya beans

•             Peanuts

•             Pine nuts

•             Millet

You don't have to avoid them all together, but you should reduce your intake.

Do consult a qualified, registered practitioner who will be able to help boost your thyroid function.

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